What is the best setup to solo terramorphous with Axton

I’ve been having trouble with good ole’ Terry for a while across all characters. I don’t have any of the UVHM stuff or any of the other DLCs. What is the best setup and how to get it?

I started my BL carreer on Axton, and when it was time for Terra, I used Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch and a Bee shield. A Bee will speed up the process a lot, but you can do it without it too. Without the Tiny Tina dlc, the Bee only drops from Hunter Hellquist, and that’s a RARE drop. Moxxi will give you the Good Touch if you tip her enough. It’s a really good SMG, and it also heals you a bit. Win-Win! :wink:

Take cover behind Pride Rock, and use your turret to draw aggro away from you. A slag BB-grenade will be your best option since Terra washes it off so fast. Here’s a level 50 build that will work. A Frontline Tactican COM will help you keep the Bee at full. Otherwise a Frontline Engineer would be my first choice. If you have a Leg. Soldier COM, that will also be a good choice.

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Hunter Hellquist is easy to farm for the bee since you can get to his spawn point in under 30 seconds… No DLC’s though…hmm so no bee-hawking for you… A very strong weapon at L50 is the Pitchfork, particularly the slag variety, but that’s a hard drop to get from the Warrior (it also drops from Terra, but that doesn’t help much here :sunglasses:), might be worth it though because he can also drop the Conference Call which also combines great with the Bee. You can try to get a Harold from Savage Lee in 3 Horns Divide as well, very powerful at all levels. Plasma Casters (I prefer Hyperion and Maliwan, but the others are solid) are good SMG’s in general and would work along the suggested good touch/bad touch below. The chest in Guano Grotto in Sawtooth Cauldron seems to give a good rate for purple/e-tech items along with the Golden Keys in Sanctuary if you have some saved up I would try to acquire a couple of hard hitting legendaries like the above, then you can cycle through those as you burn through ammo. The bee will make everything much faster. If you want the safest route, if you have a Rubi, you can stay in the “spot” almost indefinitely other than to dodge the big rocks, because you can use the Rubi/grenade of some sort to get above health gate if tentacles or Terra come up in the few areas the “spot” does not protect you from…If you have the Tiny Tina or Scarlett DLC’s that would give a much wider range of useful gear to choose from

Before it was patched, the Bee added full amp bonus to every pellet and made the CC+Bee combo an absolute broken combo. Terra went down in seconds. I don’t remember when this patch came out, but I’m assuming that it’s in the game that you have. This makes this combo less effective. Still powerful, but I doubt if it’s the best option, since you sacrifice a lot of protection for a bit of extra damage. Gamers choice, I guess!

If you’ve gotten the Pitchfork from the Warrior, it’s a world drop, since he doesn’t have it in his loot pool. It can happen, but that’s more than a rare drop. The only enemy that has it in it’s loot pool is Terra.

Easy to get to, and easy to kill, but very low drop rate.

Just to clarify… Golden chest in Sanctuary will never give you a legendary, but it’s probably the best bet for E-tech.

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I never played with Bee/CC combo when it was ridiculously OP because I only started playing the game a year or two ago, but I do know it’s really effective because of the accuracy of the CC allowing you to land a lot of amped up shots on crit (combined with the high fire rate)… I’ve always used the CC/bee combo for bosses (not exclusively, but it’s definitely in my rotation of useful boss killing gear) and really like it…

I’ve gotten the Pitchfork twice from the Warrior so assumed was in his loot pool, good to know! just RNG then for those…

I thought HH’s drop rate was the same as other bosses, 1/10 post patch? and with the quick spawn rate, it’s not too bad…

yes, I was referring to the Golden Chest in Sanctuary as a good way to useful purple weapons, but my wording was terrible and confusing in that statement.

Thanks for the corrections and clarifications!

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The Conference Call is still one of the most effective weapons against Terramorphous. Only the Sand Hawk really beats it in my experience. And if you don’t have any DLC, and have a level cap of 50, then the CC & The Bee combo will still drop him pretty quickly.

The Hail, which is a quest reward, will also perform well.

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Don’t get me wrong! CC is the best shottie in the game, as far as I’m concerned. It will definetly be a good choice on any raid. The reason I don’t normally use it against raids is because of the ammo capacity for shotties.

If you have the Practicable prefix (extra pellets) on it, you will get 1/7 of the amp damage on each pellet. Even though that is a big buff, you need to consider whether this buff is worth sacrificing protection, since the Bee isn’t exactly good in that aspect. Even though Axton has a couple of great shield skills, you have to choose between damage and protection at level 50. The CC is strong enough on it’s own to do the job until you run out of ammo. If you get the CC while fighting the Warrior during the main quest, then everything is fine. But farming for it after the main quest is tedious, since the Warrior now has the same droprates as any other boss.

Since the Good Touch is so incredibly easy to get, and since it has all the things you need for this fight (fire element, good base damage, crit bonus and healing), it will be my first recommendation every day of the week and twice on saturdays. Just bring an alternative weapon for when Terra is on fire, and you can’t go wrong.

Axton can make really good use of the Hail, but it’s not as easy to get.


It’s been so long since I killed that bastard at level 72 with Axton that I don’t even remember what I used. I know that at the time I certainly didn’t have “optimal” gear yet. I am, however, positive that I used a Good Touch for the initial phases and a Lady Fist/The Bee combo for the black hole phase. He stands incredibly still for quite a while during that phase, so if you make sure to put an obstacle between you and him (pride rock will do), you have a few precious seconds to just blast that Bee amplified +800% crit bonus at his eyes. I remember that strategy being crucial to take him down with the gear I had at the time. I really need to try it again now that I have better gear.

eh um…Is this thing on?! Calling Pie…Come in Pie! Do you read me? Over!


On a bit of a vacation atm. Without a sandhawk I guess the lady fist would be the best bet.

That explains a lot. LOL Normally, you beat me to the punch as well as @VaultHunter101 with this type of thing.

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Also on a bit of vacation (well, working vacation) atm. The rain seems to be following me across the country, which is a bit of a downer, but there you go.

Anyway, to the question: not sure what levels I’ve done Teramorpous with tbh, but I do know I go through a lot of turrets. Definitely a Good Touch for tentacles, often a Kitten of some kind for peppering his eyes. One of the things in this fight I haven’t quite figured out is best grenades: my go-to is usually Magic Missile, but Terry seems to detect them while they’re still in the homing phase and will often disappear underground before the connect. I know some folks like the bouncing bonny/betty types for this; also wondering about sticky longbows?

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Beat grenade has to be slag Betty’s or a slag crossfire. @Kurtdawg13 would agree.

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For the few times I’ve soloed Terra with Axton, I relied heavily on the Hail. Since Terra has large crit spots, it’s quite easy to make use of the extra crit damage and the bullet split on him.

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Guilty as charged. :smile:

That would be my go-to. Longbow prefix with as short a fuse time as possible. mine is 1.0 fuse time, but it acts like a zero fuse time, when thrown. :blush:

Flakker, slag betty.

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You can try chucking him down with Tediore Reloads and a Veteran COM. If you dont have the oranges, e-tech or purple SMG/pistol should do it.

I still haven’t killed Terra. I’ve done Hyperius, Dragons, Invincible Son of Craw, Pete… No Terra. Not sure what the deal is. Just can’t seem to get it right.

Use a flakker.

For real? I ask, because I seem to recall that you love the Flakker so much, you recommend it for breakfast, birth control, world peace, and Friday night family movie time. :wink: