What is the best skill in TPS?

Out of all the great skills in TPS’s skill trees, which one do you think is the best, and why?

Feel free to list more than one, many of the best skills do very different things.

I think the UVHM version of Laser Guided is Wilhelm’s best skill, but I don’t know how it compares to the other VHs. One point gives you an 87.5% multiplicative damage boost on everything, keeps Wolf and Saint out forever, focuses Wolf’s attacks on the enemy of your choice, and even marks that enemy in case they teleport or go invisible.

Leadership, it makes everything better

Elemental Barrage. Ammo saving on demand with the possibility of infinite ammo is just too much fun on some guns.

Since Nisha is my main, I’m going to volunteer Tombstone.


You all have a good point, and all these skills are certainly in the running for second place, behind the greatness that is Inspire.


Barring Nisha’s auto-aim crit madness, Maelstrom or One Last Thing tied, with Avalanche following close behind.

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I’m going to have to go with Laser Guided as well. All the other skills mentioned here are nice, but LG is the one that helps your team too.

Maelstrom is a single point, and the most powerful potential skill in the game bare none. Tombstone is a distant 2nd, everything else is miles behind.

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You’re going to Love Me / Gun Wizard:

Deserves a top spot just for the 100% party ammo refill (barring rockets), which really shines against the extremely beefy level9 ShadowTP and back-to-back holodome rounds. Enables Quad shotgun/Tediore spam for other VHs that don’t have their own ammo management.

Huge party DPS boost (2x fire rate, 2x reload speed, 2x mag size - Tediore weapons become monsters).


It’s definitely Nisha’s skill to turn every hit into a critical hit.

Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with Leadership. Massive gamechanger.

Barring the obvious answer of Tombstone, I’ll say Frostbite, since it turns your debuff into your main source of damage, which helps you and your team take out enemies faster.

I’m not so sure that Tombstone is the obvious answer. It doesn’t drastically alter how Nisha is played the way that Leadership or Sponsored By does with Jack, or Maelstrom and Blood Rush does with Athena.

True, but all of her builds are in some way based around it. It is THE Nisha skill, like converge was for Maya. Nisha without Tombstone wouldn’t really be the same.

Tombstone and maelstrom both are great for dos but leadership does so much more.

  • heals you
  • restores your shield
  • gives you free grenades
  • gives you a free ffyl save
  • helps you not consume ammo
  • gives you fire rate and reload speed
  • gives you more base and critical hit damage
  • increases your action skill duration and possibly coolsown

It does so much

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Yeah it’s the nearly permanent kill skill activation that makes it so good.

Maelstrom obviously has greater offensive potential but it only directly buffs three skills, albeit very good ones:

  • +400% Elemental Damage at max stacks
  • +660% Fire Rate at max stacks (11/5 Unrelenting)
  • +800% Weapon swap speed (11/5 Unrelenting)
  • 100% chance to not consume ammo at 700 stacks (5/5 Elemental Barrage)
  • +100% Shield regeneration/sec (5/5 Conduit) at max stacks

Those are very impressive numbers and really 200-300 stacks in mobbing situations will be more than enough but it isn’t nearly as comprehensive or immediate as Leadership.

I guess it depends on what we’re basing our definintion of “best” on. Maelstrom and Leadership are definitely awesome skills, but it is possible to make an Athena or Jack without these skills. They may not have quite the same potential, but you could if you really wanted ( I have a Jack w/out Leadership and he’s my favorite of all my Dopplegangers).

I don’t know if you could do the same for Nisha. So much of her is in some way based around Tombstone. Hot Lead, short Fused, extra damage with cryo, grenades, rockets, melee, etc…The list really goes on and on.

It definitely opens up a new playstyle when you can get grenades to crit, you have to dmit that! :wink:

I haven’t played anyone but Wilhelm so I’m really at a disadvantage on this one…but for Wilhelm it’s Laser Guided.

It’s a skill that helps the TEAM as well as the individual and the more you “paint” and kill…the longer you stay out with the ability to paint even more…and the additional damage on a painted target applies to all members of the team.

Tombstone, in my humble opinion.

Thrown a grenade? Critical!
Melee’d an enemy? Critical!
Buttslammed? Critical!
Leant over a bit? Critical!
Sucked all the juice out of a tractor? Critical!

All her builds have it, but they are not all based around it.
Many builds just use it as an extra damage boost.

While just about every Athena is built with Maelstrom in mind.

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