What is the best way / most satisfying mayhem level to limit the immersion breaking modifiers?

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I really fail to enjoy running around shooting bobble heads, especially when they clip through all models. Also being forced to change the core game play to be able to play MH10 just suck.

So far as Fl4k the least immersion breaking settings and modifiers I found is to run MH8 (can get all items and anoints) with Lootsplosion - extra loot is justified by saying it is due to a higher difficulty and Holy Crit - there is a bigger chance to deal less damage if you don’t shoot accurately or don’t aim at the right body part / location for the given enemy, so increased difficulty for not playing well.

The above two seems to be the best combo, any other choice completely changes the game flow and the feel of the game being Borderlands.

I really wish the new mode will be a max level most difficult setting without any crazy ■■■■ like bobble heads or ugly lava patches all of a sudden with no lore (I know BL games are crazy to start with, but still stuff needs to make sense in universe).

I may spark outrage here but I’d like uvhm classic. Remove m2.0 modifiers just for enemy health regen!


I exclusively run M8 these days to avoid modifiers as much as possible and my easy modifier is usually lootsplosion, but my very hard modifier changes from character to character. I’ve never been able to totally accept any of the very hard modifiers because most of them I find annoying (Dazed and Infused, Post Mortem, Buddy System), or they alter my character’s damage which I don’t want (Holy Crit, Not the Face). So a lot of the time I use Rogue Lite but that’s also not ideal, especially on characters using Deathless, Front Loader, or similar methods that remove health gate. I wouldn’t mind Post Mortem but I swear every enemy encounter spawns like 5 of them total so I’m constantly running from one until it goes away and another spawns. Same with Buddy System; they’re so damn common that I just find shooting them all the time gets annoying.

In terms of immersion I think you’ve got the right combo. You could also try Big Kick Energy in place of Lootsplosion; I find the increased recoil is a fair trade-off for the bit of damage. If you want to take it a step farther you could turn off all Guardian Perks too, though I’m not sure how much they affect immersion.


mayhem 8 for anointed endgame mayhem 5 for non anointed endgame

m5 modifier choice non intrusive: more than okay boomer;healy avanger; drone avanger.

m8 modifier choice: more than okay boomer/lootsplosion; buddy system.

these modifiers alter your experience the least keeping it “vanilla”


The best Mayhem level will really depend on how far you wanna push yourself. I don’t bother any other levels other than M10.

M10 is much easier now compare when M10 came first. I run with Speed Demon, Healy Avenger, death traps, and Buddy System. I feel this is as neutral as possible similar to M1.0 (well not exactly similar but in essence).


I run mayhem 10, because in a game where people have “magical” powers and guns I’m not really worried about “immersion”.


If I want a Mayhem-less game, I go to MM1 and pick Lootsplosion - does zero to the combat itself, I do like nosing through extra loot fallout for random things, and I do like the visual pop from a critical kill.

I’ve got plenty of gear that can make MM1 challenging for me… like I have nine characters, each of which has several different playstyles amongst themselves, and I think most of them have at least one setup that makes MM1 challenging enough for me.

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I would take this as well.

I wish you could replace individual modifiers with different buds to enemies.

Medium replacement - Enemies gain +100% HP/Shield regeneration

Hard replacement - Enemies gain 50% elemental resistance

VERY hard replacement - Enemies gain 50% Splash resistance

Not saying this is the only option, but you see my general point lol

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Yeah, this would a lot more sense.

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I run M4 now, with Lootsplosion and Drone Ranger. The drones aren’t really lore/immersion breaking… well, unless they’re helping out something like the memory-dimension ghost enemies in the Cold Case side mission in GL&T. :upside_down_face: That was a little odd… but honestly I can pretty much ignore them as their healing doesn’t affect much (in fact they kinda help because their healing link pinpoints cloaked enemies or those behind cover, etc.)

I tried M8 for awhile (because there’s also just two modifiers to deal with) but it just didn’t feel quite right. Buddy System gets annoying when the drones keep spawning inside walls or whatnot and the other harder modifiers annoy me too much in other ways.

Also tried M6 for awhile, just so I could have access to the loot there if I happened to want it, but four modifiers to try to get non-obnoxious rolls on is just too much RNG nonsense I feel like dealing with.

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I run

Healy Avenger
Drone Ranger
Not the Face

Pretty neutral set-up. I don’t even realize the modifiers are on anymore

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I was about to say more or less the same thing. These have a very minimal impact on immersion…Unless you’ve been chipping away at a boss for a half hour and a healy heart bumps into them to reheal them to 100%. Then you smash your face against your keyboard, which tends to impede immersion. But usually they’re good, and they help heaps with second winds in the take downs.

I personally feel that ones like the drone ranger arguably add to immersion, as they add spice to the gameplay in a fairly reasonable way that feels appropriate to the game.


how is not the face neutral… Critical Hit Damage is reduced by 75%

very neutral because who wants to be rewarded for actually putting some effort into doing criticals instead of bodyshotting their way into plowthrough madness with the most meta in hand.

also OP asks for least amount of modifiers while clearly wanting some challenge. People in the thread “i have big diccc i play m10 lulz”

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I like Slayer instead of Lootsplosion. I use it a lot in events thou. :slight_smile:
Bit more immersive maybe but I prefer having this little edge to being distracted even more than normal. :man_shrugging:
Currently on a mostly jackobs FL4K (MM5) I have Freeze Tag and Ticked Off. Status Effect Dmg doesn’t hit much on Jackobs.

Zane(MM7) have the Laser turrets. Not good on hybrid Amarra(MM4). The little pesky things are tough and hit hard. Both have the healing drones thing. (I think) Those are soft and don’t heal all that much.

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Immersion is what the thread is about. Not the face is invisible, unlike giant heads or things that float around

Yeah exactly, they basically function like surveyors healing loaders or Jack’s surveyor and it’s not inconceivable there would be a class of first aid bots available for enemies acquire to deploy to aid them, if we wanna fit that into our head canon. A little weird to see them in the wild helping skags but I guess they can be thought of as bots that got separated from their masters and are just wandering around lost, healing whatever they come across heh.

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8 for sure. There’s only 2 and you can make it Lootplosion and Death. The only addition is dodging a skull you can easily kill. Nice shootout to halloween


I normally do M8 with Lootsplosion/Rogue Lite. Lots and lots of loot (99.999% of it worthless, but I like to see the ground littered with stuff after a big fight :stuck_out_tongue: ) and no other BS going on (though sometimes I miss FFYL)


It can depend on your build. When I play my melee/facepuncher Amara, my very hard modifier is the “crits do less damage” because melee doesn’t crit anyways, so I don’t notice anything.

For Moze/Flak/Zane, I always just play with Rogue Lite. I like the additional challenge of not being able to go into fight for your life - I’m always playing my best, using cover strategically, etc. I find it very fun and I honestly forget that I even have it on most of the time. I actually find Rogue Lite to be the most non-intrusive. Second place is probably Buddy System, which can be annoying, but its manageable.

For the mid rolls, I always go with something that has very little effect. I like the healing drones - they basically do nothing. I refuse to play with Floor is Lava, cryo orbs, or spinners. Too annoying.

With those in mind, its pretty easy for me to roll up something decent. I only ever play on M10, and almost always with Rogue Lite as I find it the least intrusive by far.

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