What is the best weapon for freezing enemies?

It’s just come to my attention that enemies receive triple melee damage while frozen so I’m thinking of incorporating that into my Amara build. Obviously I can combine it with 50% cryo on my shield/grenade and if I got a +melee anointment on the gun (100% because I use Ties That Bind over Phaseslam). So… any recommendations? If it has a natural +melee stat, even better.

The frozen heart shield that drops from Aurelia in blackbarrel cellars is good for freezing. If you are lucky and get the phasegrasp nova anoint that insta freezes too. The cryo redistributor works superbly, if you can spec into indiscriminate it works even better!! :smiley:

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Good thinking. I think then ideally I’d want a cryo Redistributor with that phasegrasp anointment. Good luck to me on that. Don’t wanna sacrifice my 300% Brawler Ward.

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If you are lucky (unlucky?), Lol, you can get a cryo redist with melee damage.

I’m now trying to work out if I’d get more damage from my Unleash the Dragon or an Icebreaker with melee damage.

A cryo lob is pretty good at freezing enemies but it does so much damage that you end up killing most mobs before you get to punch them.

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Do you know how cryo work?

Cryo freeze an opponent based on their health pool, and the cryo efficiency of your weapon. Meaning that to freeze an opponent (and not outright killing him with said cryo damage) you’re looking for a weapon with high cryo efficiency.

The more cryo efficiency, the less % hp of cryo damage you have to inflict before he freeze.

So basically any weapon with high cryo efficiency is good, and which can inflict enough damage to actually amount to something, is good.

In my experience, the best weapon in this regard is maliwan purple shotgun with shickwave affix. It usually boast 250-300% cryo effciency, and since it work in a burst, to tend to instantly freeze most enemies.


Get a cryo MIRV-Tacular Hex grenade. I use one with my Zane build and it freezes everything. It’s got 1194% cryo efficiency. It launches 6 MIRV grenades and it’s homing so just toss it in the general vicinity and the grenades will home in on the targets. For Zane, the SNTL drops them and it works great.

The two main weapons that I use with it are a Night Hawkin and an Arctic Star Helix.


I use a cryo Dictator because of the spread. Kills the weaker mobs, and freezes the stronger ones so you can get a melee in.


Don’t know if it’s the best but the Ion Laser is a good efficient one.
Presented here by AbbyHour.

I recommend her channel. Solid stuff and no yelling.

Here’s a good vid she did to explain Cyo damage/efficiency.

I like the Trevonator. Especially on my melee Siren. :slight_smile: It is a fun play style. Much more entertaining then Facepuncher/Brawler Ward.
Maliwan smg are nice.
Alien barrel help on efficiency.


Also point #4

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I think I’m gonna try my cryo hex and keep going with my Butt Plug and melee-anointed weapons. Should give a nice boost to things.

Yeah I tend to avoid the Face-Puncher. The point of a melee build isn’t to shoot.


I’ll look it up, I never looked at grenade cryo efficiency since grenade kinda suck in my mind

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Face Puncher suck balls anyways if you don’t build it with a white elephant, or just to regen amno with cutpurse


Yeah it’ll be interesting to see. The hex has never really suffered much (of course, it used to be much better) and its cryo efficiency is 1000%+. Take that along with Amara’s elemental skills and I expect it’ll be pretty potent.

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I dropped it at some point. Still in my backpack of course. :slight_smile:
She does have 100% on Phaselam on her shield though and already do enough melee damage for intent and purpose.

Also, use an Ice Breaker artifact if you’re not already doing so. Increases damage against frozen and increases cryo efficiency.

Facepuncher works well with moze and unleash the dragon.every shot sets enemies on fire.

I have a nice Icebreaker Otto Idol tucked away but I may go with Unleash the Dragon instead.

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