What is the best weapon found in Sanctuary, in a vending machine?

I am in the general bucket of random gods giving me very little through game play. However the other day, level 19 Mechro, found a badaboom RL in the weapons vending machine outside the HQ. Of course it was so damn expensive, had to call in a saved toon with about 3 minutes left on the clock to buy it, couldn’t resist/

I was wondering, what have others found in the vending machines at Sanctuary, outside of grenades?

My first Legendary Mechromancer COM (that I still use to this day) came from a Zed’s vending machine in the Bandit Slaughterdome. Also found a corrosive White Death from one of Sanctuary’s machines that carried me through WEP and Opportunity.

I’ve found a Hellfire, Pandemic and Nukem in vending machines…

Level 63 Bee shield. I know I’ve found a second legendary in vending machines but I can’t recall what. Must not have been very impressive, these are the things one tends to remember.

Rolling Thunder (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

yeah, me too.

that’s amazing. Random gods love u

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Best things I’ve gotten from the vending machines in sanctuary are a slagga and a fire madhous. Both from the gun machine next to rolands hideout. Otherwise I also got a hornet in the vending machine next to the fast travel in three horns divide.

Ironically a few weeks ago I got a Leg boncing bonnie slag grenade from a locker in HQ. Total surprise, It made me search all lockers and vending machines again much more than usual. I got out of the habit of even looking when selling off weaps due to never getting anything even close to better than what I had.

Threads like this are a good reminder. :slight_smile:

Best thing I’ve ever found there is skins lol

In all of your hours playing BL2, how many legendaries have you found in the Sanctuary vending machine? I’ve found 1 in 1500+ hours. And that one legendary was a Slagga (such a great gun).

I’ve found about 9 in 1000+ hours, one was a Maggie with Jakobs grip.

Conference Call.

That’s pretty good haul. I have twp rolling thunder grenades plus the badaboom in 2000 plus hours.