What is the current meta? If there is one of course

I mostly use Rath (mostly him), Ambra, Galilea, Attikus, Orendi, Whiskey and Shayrox, and i’m a decent player and some of them are good characters, the only ones I know that are top tier and the most used are Benny, Ambra, Galilea and Boldur I think but not sure about everyone else, Is there a meta? and if so, what is the meta? just curious to know how the characters stack up against each other.

I wouldnt say there is an end all be all meta, usually you can subsitute characters that fulfil a certain role such as switching miko for alani. Theres probably better examples but thats all I could think of. There are certainly players that pair up well together like reyna and isic, my friend and I literally killed both sentries by ourselves doing that yesterday as our team let us down

Damn, I know that feel, last week, my friend and I had to carry three other low CR against three 100+, a 54 and a 85 CR’s, my team was getting destroyed in Meltdown by Ambra+Alani+Montana combo while having a Rath and Pendles just killing spoils and wrecking buildables, So my friend (Alani) and I (Rath) decided on killing the enemy team while the new guys took care of the lanes, I went 26 - 1 against all of them, you would see me clearing waves, building buildables and killing everyone, It was a stressful match.

Stressful or fun? The only games that seem to be fun now are when we are losing because the other team always seem to surrender once the first sentry has been killed

Those you listed but with Orendi
Man, saying she’s part of the meta makes me unreasonably happy

It’s usually 1 tank character- SaA, Boldur, Gali, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe Montana and Kelvin

Then 1 support- anyone of them is fine

Then- Orendi because if she’s open why the hell wouldn’t you?

Then if not Orendi- 3 ranged pushers of some type. Definitely Ernest if open.

Also you can have AN Kleese.

The previous meta was:

1 tank
1 support
2 ranged
1 5th slot flex pick of your choice

If youre talking team comp then kelvin is almost a must have, his stun is so valuable to a team

On PC we have private competitive 10 mans on Meltdown so if you want to see some of the drafts for that I would be happy to post them when I get home tonight. They’ll help give you an idea of whats being run at high level gameplay.

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What is this “meta” thing?

gali, earnest, orendi, bennedict, alani

Established optimal team comp

Isnt that Galilea, kleese, Ambra, Ernest and benedict?

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Boldur, Orendi

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Whiskey is the only character in the meta. If you’re not playing Whiskey Foxtrot, you’re not doing it right.


I returned to playing public PvP just the other day and my main observations (for PUGs) are:

  • More Support variety: Last time I played, nearly every team had a Miko.
    This is different now, it seems most people are warming up to the idea of rolling alternate supports. (e.g. one team that stomped us as using only Reyna as support).

  • More general toughness, less dedicated tanks: I’ve seen more people rolling MaxHP and/or regen items in general. Also, the tougher Brawlers like Attikus and Galilea seem to be popular.
    But over ~10 games I’ve played, no one picked a Tank like Boldur or Montana.

CC heavy teams. Also, Ghalt, he should be used in all teams.

Edit, I don’t play ghalt, but whenever he is on my team, I know we are going to do well.

If I could pick any team comp right now I’d want gali, Alani, Ernest, Kleese, Benedict.

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Why alani over ambra?

No Boldur? :scream:

Not sure if it is any meta, but recently it feels like I have seen a lot of teams spamming stuns like there is no tomorrow. :confused: