What is the current meta? If there is one of course

I couldn’t really decide between boldur and gali, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Boldur probably would be better, he’s always felt like cheat codes. But then again I put Benedict in so…

Better cc. And burst heals, so the tank can stay in front instead of having to come back and hang by the sunspot support stations for a little bit.

Alani and boldur cant benefit from kleese…

Take shields?

shield is the last thing i want as alani

Point being? I’m not choosing Kleese to help boldur or Alani…

Kleese, Benedict, Gallilea, Earnest, Ambra.

While I agree, that would be best if playing with Kleese

U did…

I’m trying to find the part where I said “Kleese to help boldur and Alani”. Kleese is picked for lane denial. Not to help boldur or Alani. Not every pick is required to sync with every other character.


Its easier to push them away… Alani without a shield means she needs to chose who to heal, her or anyone else…

Kleese reduce hp dmg taken

Lol you act like Alani is going to be in the front. I just don’t think you understand how this comp would play.

The generally accepted ranking I’ve seen is thus:

A-Tier: Boldur, Benedict, Toby, Orendi, Galilea, Ernest

These are Battleborn who, one way or another, are very difficult to keep from doing their jobs - and you may notice that by and large, it’s because they kill you very quickly. These characters kill quickly and simply, and either have good survivability a la Galilea, Boldur, and Benedict, or have balls-out killing capacity like Toby and Orendi instead. A minor exception is Earnest, who doesn’t pack on the DPS but dominates waveclear more than anyone else in the game. The game calls him ‘support’ but let’s be honest, you’re picking him because you want to genocide minion bots. Quite honestly a team without one of these hard carries is probably going to be in trouble.

B-Tier: Most People

Most of the cast. Battleborn is actually fairly well balanced with these people. They have things they do well, and counters to those things. Never a bad choice.

C-Tier: Attikus (except in Faceoff), Rath, Pheobe

These three share the same problem - they’re meleers that die swiftly and need to level up to really hurt people. They’re not bad, precisely, but certain team comps (heavy ranged ones, particularly ones with multiple stuns) can almost freeze them out of the game. They need to be played carefully and precisely to avoid feeding enemy players, because they don’t have the instant kill capacity of Gali’s Shield Toss > Laser Swords or Boldur’s empowered Dash > Axe Toss. Attikus gets a special mention; extremely fragile early game, but becomes more and more dangerous with time, and dominates Face-Off utterly.

D-Tier: Pendles, El Dragon

People with hard counters. These two have big problems - a Pendles in any game with an Orendi, Ambra, or Marquis is frozen out of huge swathes of the battlefield and has to be extremely careful. Meanwhile El Dragon, in general, hasn’t been rebalanced yet, and is still crippled. Play only if you’re looking for a challenge, or the other team hasn’t got a clue.


I’d agree here, minus Toby being A-Tier. Way too easy to counter.

Phoebe in C? and Dragon in D… Dragon has fallen but not that far. :scream: Phoebe is amazing and should be in A easy. Boldur and Boldur alone deserves a higher tier then A since he pretty much carries the whole game upon hitting level 5. I would also put Alani in A since she has good heals and god tier wave clear. [quote=“hockeyswede31, post:34, topic:1551157”]
I’d agree here, minus Toby being A-Tier. Way too easy to counter.

Toby counters pretty much every melee but gets stomped by most ranged. He deserves B since he can fit into a lot of team comps and is only really a bad choice if they have Whiskey.

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He’s probably going off experience. If I went by performance over capability I’d have to drop her to D as the majority of Phoebe players I run into under perform.

I know what she’s capable of, but if you don’t know how to combo her melee’s and time phasegate she’s just a big target with not a lot of hit points.

Attikus excells in every game mode except Incursion. Most maps have plenty of cover him, and tons of back alleys for him to escape through.

However, he can still do well on Monuments because of the numerous escape options available to him.

Early game, he needs to focus on wave clear and escaping when faced with most enemies (squishies are very weak to him, however. Specifically Mellka, Pendles, KU, Ambra, and Orendi suffer when facing a good Attikus).

Mid game he has more sustain and he can focus on pushing enemies back with critcal charged hooks. One punch, maybe a few follow-ups, and they have to pull back.

Late game, he can focus kills. His ultimate (especially at level 10) is extremely devastating against crowds of enemies and can kill most players.

Attikus is at least B tier, people just think he isn’t that great because he performs poorly on Overgrowth and Echelon.


I’ll give Attikus this, he draws aggro like a beast no matter what map he’s on. It’s just too bad he spends most of his time absorbing bullets with his face and slowly approaching people with the hook raised.

Put a sprint boost on Attikus, and he’ll become a nightmare that comes screaming out of the dark from half the map away to punch you in the face, then disappear into the night.

But yeah, he takes a lot of bullets to the face.

That really all comes down to how you play Rath. If you try to play him as a straightforward assassin he’s probably gonna struggle early game, but if you play him with the mindset of being a cc support that uses Catalytic Smash to initiate so his team can go in, he actually has a very solid early game. Especially when considering how most of his best helixes are pre level 5 (slowing strike, anger’s echo, catalytic flash). Rath’s damage will always be pretty “meh” in comparison to the rest of the assassins. Even in late game his damage is still only above average, but his cc still remains as one of the best in the game.

I’d probably put support Rath somewhere between C+ and B-. He may be mostly outclassed by Gali and Kelvin when it comes to cc spam, but he should not be underestimated in the slightest. Unlike Kelvin, Rath has the additional benefit of being able to reliably solo kill squishies from level 4 onward, where as Kelvin’s damage starts to fall off rather significantly once chomp hits its damage cap. Unlike Gali, Rath has an early game slow and much faster cooldowns that allow him to provide more consistent cc spam.

Then there’s head juggling, which pretty much turns his 1.5 second knockup into a 2/3/4 second cc, and only gets worse with the silence because of how you can deny enemies of their escape tools while they’re thrown helplessly into the air. I don’t really need to elaborate on this anymore.

Rath still needs a buff of course. The fact that he’s labled as an assassin while his most effective niche is being a support says something about where he stands currently, but I wouldn’t necessarily call him underpowered either. He’s in this really bizarre position where he works, but for all the wrong reasons.