What is the end game for Gearbox with our characters?

I’m not seeing any of the balances they keep talking about. Some classes are completely outperforming other classes it is making us not want to even play the class that doesn’t work…so what is the endgame here…why would you want people not to play a class because they can’t compete with others? How does that balance anything?

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The end game is too make everything as plain and boring as possible.
So every character and gun tastes and feels like plain vanilla yogurt.


What class does not work? Sorry to tell you that choosing to play the most OP class is not a GB problem.
I never play the “meta” or “OP class” and I have no problems. (I play Fl4k)

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It’s kind of funny how in the course of less than 2 days you have gone from “Moze is not broken and never was” to “I feel like a glass cannon” and “something might be off with this patch” and finally to “some classes are completely outperforming other classes making us not want to even play”. That’s quite the transformation!

Sorry this wasn’t really an answer to your questions…who knows what their end game is really.

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I’m just confused on what to do with Moze now… I’m right on the edge of discovering a new build that will make her shine. I just don’t know what direction to take her…and what to hold on to in my bank…because I don’t know what the developers will do next.

I don’t know if I should hold anointed guns for iron bear…because they said he is going to be stronger…or keep trying to get 125% bonus to badass/named/boss…idk if that makes sense

Well I guess now you have an idea what people were complaining about regarding the nerfs making builds less diverse instead of more diverse. My Moze character is only level 11 so I don’t have a lot to say on it really.

Who is your main? Do they feel balanced compared to Moze? How differently do they play from each other? Does it feel balanced is what I’m getting at…same amount of fun and efficiency?

I didn’t use Moze much, but it would go to 125%. (I repeat I don’t use it much, and I’m not sure if it is the best option)
I use Fl4k and I like it a lot, I play it with pet radiation dmg (I’m still looking for better stats), now I’m looking to make corrosive Tediore, I played boss killer, and each build changes the gameplay for me.

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Me,personally,I only play as Fl4k,since preorder. And I only struggle with the cheap enemies in mayhem 3 do to the egregious modifiers. I think I’ve done fairly well with my build,using the weapons I like (case in point,I love the redline,though most I’m sure would scoff at it and me,that’s fine.) My long winded point is,find whatever build,gear is fun for you. I play tvhm mayhem 1 for fun. I throw mayhem 3 on when I farm solo or I’m running with my regulars. I hope you get to enjoying this game again,OP. Good hunting! PSN APE-160
If you’re on PS and if I can help.


I’m probably not the best one to ask. I have Fl4k and Amara to level 50 but neither has completed TVHM and I have done very little end game “farming” or arenas. I liked Fl4k even though it got nerfed pretty hard as well. Since I wasn’t doing M3 arenas it wasn’t as noticeable for me probably.

I mostly just got tired of dealing with my pet standing on all my loot and making unrelenting noise so I rolled Amara. I’m liking Amara more and it seems more balanced than Fl4k but I don’t have enough time on Moze to really compare.

My initial impression of Moze is she is underwhelming. Many early points only incrementally make IB better but it doesn’t feel that good to begin with so it feels like wasted points. For now, I’m just putting points into things that makes Moze stronger rather than IB and will respec later when I have more points to spend.

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I do enjoy it very much

@johnirby86 ok I didn’t take it that way,I’ll reread it,cause I’m forever overzealous. Cheers.

Borderlands is a PvE coop game, where is this “competition” coming in?

Why would I care about the other 3 characters and how they are doing when I play Amara because she provides the abilities I like and want to play? As far as I know every class provides unique aspects that makes them what they are. I dont see the necessity for all 4 to be equal in kill speed or whatever when I chose based on entertainment value not performance?

Right now I only play Amara and Moze, have created Zane and Fl4k as well but didnt play them much because I dont see the appeal. In terms of performance I consider Amara stronger then Moze but I still play Moze because the two builds I have for her provide gameplay that I cannot have with Amara and vice versa.

If Borderlands would have leaderboards or were designed as an ESport then yeah, balance would be required but right now its not. Gearbox has to make sure every class is working properly and has enough distinguishing features to justify a class of its own (If zane would be just a weaker Fl4k he wouldnt have a purpose). If the only metric you use is “killing stuff as fast as possible” then yeah…only ONE class would be needed I guess.

Personally I m glad BL3 provides a little bit more variety then just one class tho. Could be more but its “early days” I guess

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End game is GB employees watching YouTube gameplay and build videos posted , then nerf them, so we have to refarm gears for the next builds until they it fix in next patch .

Really, what was the end game in BL2 until UVHM and OP levels were released? That game wasn’t really balanced either. Pets and level based abilities didn’t scale well, some trees, like Sal’s Brawler tree, were completely outclassed by pure damage gunzerking builds.

BL3 has been out for a month and the state of this game is far better than games like Anthem or Fallout 76. I guess it’s a sign of the times, though. People want stuff NOW and if a game doesn’t provide hundreds of hours of end game right away, they start attacking it. Me? I just play other games while I wait for new stuff or level characters I haven’t played with yet or experiment with new builds that aren’t meta.

I have played 264 hours…or 11 days…lol…I don’t dislike the game…just confused on what do with a bank full of stuff

Well, after putting in that much time, it might be time to take a break until newer content comes out. I’ve been playing FFXIV for the past 3 years straight like clockwork, but sometimes when theres a lull in content, I play other stuff and come back when newer stuff is released.

I suppose I just come from a time where games were like a few hours long with RPGs hitting into the dozens maybe and “end game” didn’t really exist, nor did content updates. Hundreds of hours seems like a luxury to me.