What is the first legendary gun you got across all bl games

My first legendary gun is the bitch from the bunker in bl2 it was insanely op and I have been using it for the past 15 levels

My first was a world drop of a Shredifier from Mad Mike in the Dam.
My first play through, and I was playing as Axton, so this was a very neat find (though I didn’t really understand it at that point).
Unfortunately, a few days later I was at another Xbox and was loading BL2 and the “syncing” message was on screen too long, so I canceled and moved into the game without understanding what I was doing.
Which ended up deleting that gun. I still mourn it…

Fairly sure it was the emperor in bl2 from 1 of the assassins on my 1st ever character(Axton)

Hornet right out of the gate from Knuckledragger. Probably used that gun for 5-6 levels and fortunately still had it when I discovered Clappy’s secret stash for the first time. First legendary in a machine I think was a Fastball near the fast travel station in Bloodshot Stronghold. Did not understand the significance of orange weapons until that point , so started to research the game online, found yoteslaya’s guides to legendaries, and then started to understand how to actually play this game :slight_smile:

Been a while, but I think it was a Firehawk that I found with Mordecai. Yay elemental damage!

I have to admit that I don’t even remember. A friend introduced my to Borderlands 2 via Co-OP online and they were sort of loot-ninja’ing all the gear. I played a bit offline between our games and showed them what gear I had when it game time for us to regear, and they said, “Oh that’s a Legendary!!!”

At that point I didn’t even know there was a tier system to gear, I was just looking at the stats and judging gear quality based on that. I did have a purple ravager on my Axton and that got a big thumbs up from my friend. But whatever legendary I had, I was clueless about. After that it was probably a Fastball. I remember selling it because I thought it was lame at the time. I kept missing people because I was so used to AOE grenades. I remember hearing the sound it made when it hit someone and thinking “that’s pretty ridiculous” but I think it was also way underleveled so it didn’t do much damage. I would later learn the error of my ways.

BL2 - Lyuda
BL3 - Star Helix

and both are in my favorites.

It’s so annoying when people especially friends loot ninja all the gear before you get a chance to look at it

I was too overwhelmed by the game to really even look. Adjusting to the control set up and everything else in the game after not playing FPS for a good long while before BL2, let alone one with the RPG elements of skill trees and whatnot. I was playing the game like it was Gears of War, traumatized by going into FFYL every 10 seconds after fight Bewm Boom.

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