What is the height of Clap Trap?

Hi guys! I have a little question, I am actually working on a real-life size Clap Trap prop, based on Clap Trap from B2/TPS and I was wondering about his height.

I found it could be 3 feet/ 90 cm high but I’m not against a small confirmation from professionals.

Have a nice day!


Roland is 5’11", and I would estimate that Claptrap is about half his height. So 3 feet sounds like as good a starting point as any! Best of luck to you, and upload some pics when it’s done please!

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Oh, thank you for the answer! I will, and maybe a video!

Check in the Fan Creations sections for both TPS and BL2 categories. Someone made a life-size Claptrap out of Lego, which was about 3’ tall. There may be plans out there too - I’ve seen at least one cosplay claptrap posted somewhere.

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