What is the highest Mayhem Level needed to get all Legendaries?

I haven’t played since the Cartel Event, where you had to be at least at Mayhem 6 to get all the Legendaries. That was no problem since I had been playing at Mayhem 10, but I’m thinking that when I jump back in to play the last two DLCs I might go for a lower Mayhem level.

That’s because I got tired of using the same few guns that were the only ones viable in Mayhem 10. So I’m looking for that sweet spot where I get gear with all the available options without having to crank it up to Mayhem 10.

I hear Mayhem 8 guarantees that all weapons are available and come with anointments, but I haven’t been able to confirm that anywhere. I’m inclined to play at Mayhem 6 this time, but if level 8 gives anointments on all gear, then that might be worth it.

If anyone has a definitive answer to this, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

I don’t have definitive answers as I couldn’t confirm OP8 is the “anointment guaranteed” level myself. To the best of my knowledge your assumptions are correct.

I’m back from since the Cartels too and don’t worry to much about Mayhem levels if you were playing at MM10. The new scaling made mid to high mayhem much easier.

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Mayhem 6 will allow you to get all possible legendaries, just not guaranteed anointed.


Thanks for the reply. If they made the scaling for the higher mayhem levels better, maybe I can use different weapons again. I finished off the Cartels and the second DLC using only, for the most part, the O.P.Q. System rifle and a Yellowcake launcher. Effective but with so many guns that look cool, it was frustrating to have to dump 95% of them in my vault. I think I will just dive in at Mayhem 10 and see how it goes. Cheers.

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I hear you. Part of why I’m happy at Mayhem 7. Few items drop without anointment but still… I’ll probably crank it to 8 to avoid it on good drops.

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M6 makes it possible for all gear to drop. M8 guarantees that all gear is anointed. I’d recommend playing on M8 because in my opinion it strikes the ideal balance of being rewarding but not too obnoxious.
You only get 2 modifiers and since those are easy and very hard, one of them is likely gonna work in your favour.
It does of course come down to what you think of the very hard modifiers since some of them likely are just a no-go (i.e. unless you are playing melee Amara you’ll never want “Not the face”) for your build. I usually take Post Mortem (which can be annoying but is one of the only very hard modifiers to not mess with your damage output) and then whatever easy mod you like (wouldn’t recommend Galaxy Brain though because it makes you easier to kill and can cause some bosses to throw their loot off the map).


M6 is the I just want the item level. Though you only need M8 for anointments guaranteed I would say might as well run M10 for the DLC 3 items once you unlock all of the maps. Two of them are short jots and unless you get total FUs on the modifier not hard to kill. Personally I like to roll for: any easy other than galaxy brain or big kick energy, an element I am not using for the medium, either laser fair or drone ranger on hard, and buddy system for the very hard. Yeah those little buggers are too small in my opinion but it does seem like the bosses have low odds of rolling with it.

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