What is the Highest Possible Slide Speed?

I am currently trying to figure out what gear and skills I would need to make a supersonic sliding Amara, similar to the Fleet Banshee on Maya from BL2. I currently have the following gear:

  • LVL 50 Vanquisher
  • LVL 50 Snowdrift Loaded Dice
  • LVL 50 Rough Rider with 10% movement speed while shield is depleted*

*I am trying to figure out a way to give +Shield Capacity then break the shield. Is there a Class Mod that can give +Shield Capacity?

Am I going about this all wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Rough Rider is bugged. Use a different shield and just to some self damage with Mindfulness.

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When you say bugged, you mean it’s not working as intended? So if I give myself +Shield Capacity somehow, then break it with say, a grenade, it doesn’t trigger the +10% bonus to movement speed that’s on this card?

That I don’t know. I’m unaware of any flat number buffs for shield.

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It appears that there’s some significant misunderstanding about the Rough Rider. Some people say that it’s bugged, some say that it’s working as intended.

As far as I understand it:

0/0 = “Full shield” ; Working as intended

Is this incorrect?

I haven’t found one to test myself but in past games it would count as shield depleted 100% of the time. People are saying it isn’t gaining roid buffs because it has no shield to deplete. I don’t know what other item rolls or skills that carries over to. Or if it it is just unique to Roid.

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I just realized that a Stormbringer class mod gives a bonus to shield capacity. I will try using one of those and then break it to see if I noticed a difference in movement speed.

Maxing out Mindfulness can give a big movement increase if (and it’s a big if) you can maintain the 25 stacks.

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Also- a Snowdrift Victory Rush should work better than the Snowdrift Loaded Dice for increasing movement speed, but only after a badass is killed.

I just found a Knife Drain with shield.

There are shields that increase Movement Speed while Shield is full, so you don’t need to use the Rough Rider specifically. There are also ones that increase movement speed when shields are empty. You don’t need to try to make the Rough Rider work when there are other, easier options.

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Oh Lord I forgot about that build. I loved it!

Have you tried testing Zane with his movement speed buffs? Does that apply to slide speed too? Maybe you could stack that with the relics?

Could you imagine a Zane speed build coop with Amara stacking Vigor.

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Thanks for the tip! I was able to use the Rough Rider with a Spectral Phasezerker I found that gave + shield capacity.

I will see if I can find some purple shields that give bonus to movement speed when it is full, although this is less synergistic with Mindfulness, since she needs to be taking damage for it to give bonus to movement speed.

Using a Longbow Chupa’s Organ to break the Rough Rider shield quickly and safely. Seems like it also works to proc Mindfulness, although it’s not difficult to break it during regular combat.

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So fun fact, if you get a low level Torgue shotgun, turn on sticky, and shoot your feet, you can reload to trigger all mindfulness stacks at once and use it to jump to forbidden game architecture, where the devs often didn’t fill in textures and you risk life and limb.

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Apparently you can rocket jump with a low level Ruby’s Wrath as well, which is not at all related to jumping out of bounds and exploring forbidden game architecture at all.

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I’ve ran at Mach 6 witha speed Amara I have a stop gate with 10 on full and deplete annointed 5% speed s slide relic and a mindfulness class mod