What is the largest # of Revives you have seen!

Just had a 15 revive match. I am curious if this is pretty high or kind of normal-ish.

Depends were you on public heliophage?

Nope. It was the algorithm.

Then yes that’s very high.

i dont normally get more than a couple on a regular basis - on a reaaaally bad adv saboteur i made double digits though, reviving two isics back and forth as they tackled varelsi…they didnt exactly defend themselves. i think i was up to about 12 that match. also, me and a friend trying to help a 3 man on adv heliophage, around the same number of revives…we werent good enough to carry them, sadly.

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I have seen a few good Oscar Mikes hit 15+ on some of the harder missions or missions with harder area’s (Start of Sentinel, Heliophage or Saboteur in general, some parts of Algorithm ect.) in general I only see Oscar Mikes get that high.

As Deande I average 8-9 on harder missions, it really depends on how often teammates are going down, size of group and so on. A harder mission with 5 people of average quality and an Oscar Mike could see 20+ realistically, whereas an easier mission with 3 people of high quality might see none or 1-2 and so on.

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10 this morning on The Algorithm which is why I posted that recent thread about the damage and spawn rates on Advanced Story right now, nobody on our 5 person team could believe what we were seeing.

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I’ve had 17

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There must be the right team in order to get high revives; players need to be good enough to actually do the reviving and bad enough to go down often.


24 on Heliophage advanced. Yes. It was with an Oscar Mike.


The Sentinal in the hallway with those spinning blades. Player died, revived, didn’t move fast enough. Died.
Died on the next blade. Revived and died in same spot. This went on for above 10 or 12 revives before they quit and rejoined.
Rest of the team got a laugh out of it though.


I usually get high revive counts in the Sentinel. ~12-24 each time i solo queue. There’s a lot of randoms that don’t seem to understand the timing of the hallways.

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Lol. Yes. But remember we were there too.

It’s so hilarious when it happens. Except when it happens to you.

It’s even funnier because most of the reason that a person will keep dying right as they get rezzed is because the rezzer timed it incorrectly so it’s not even the dead person’s fault. Schadenfreude is great.

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Lol, yes. Love when someone gets stuck on the sentinel traps.
I’ve had it happen often.

Something I’m curious about the OP is whether all of those revives were spread out or did they primarily occur at one or more specific times? Algorithm has 3 spots, iirc, where deaths tend to happen, en masse (1st boss’s room before spawn, bridge right after 2nd boss, Geoff if people ignore turrets/adds), though they tend to not happen at all 3 places in a single game.

Heliophage advanced can go extremely high, simply because the AoE damage is so high that lots of time character you just revived dies the next second before managing to get away/being healed.

But on Algorithm, that’s a crazy high number.