What is the logic to nerf weapons in a looter shooter and new take down

I don’t understand why devs attempts to “Balance” or “Nerf” weapons in a looter shooter such as BL. This isn’t a competitive game. People love BL because they can blow things up with OP weapons and having a blast killing things.

Let me give you an example, do you ever see Blizzard goes in and nerf weapons and gear in Diablo game ? (Yes i understand Diablo isn’t shooter, but it is the same type of game which revolves around killing and looting). The more powerful loots, the more variety of the loot, the better for this type of game.

Instead of spending time nerfing and trying to balance a non-competitive PVE centered looter shooter, it would be nice to focus on the energy to create new contents more frequent with more updates !

I like the direction they went with the new takedown, the idea and mechanic is not bad but can certainly be improved upon. We need more check points. How the HP on these trash mobs gets pass QA in M10 is beyond me.

Nerfing enemy health or buffing current weapons are the same… either way the new take down is not enjoyable at the moment.

But please stop trying to “nerf or balance” weapons in this game, there is no point. People love BL because they can feel overpowered and obliterate things and have a great time.



diablo3 is a good example because their no nerf policy has lead to the immense power creep they are experiencing now with 348190248093849037989 damage numbers and scared away so many people from the game

i don’t think that is the reason why people stopped playing D3 …lol


its part of the problem
there are a lot of problems with D3
no real character building or progression
forced builds with seasonal sets that make their way with 10000% damage multipliers (what some people here would obviously welcome and tell others to just “not use it”)
unimmersive world and story with gimmiky non threatening villains
boring endless crap salvage routines
and much more
but the ridiculous damage numbers and thus limited build variety is definitely part of it


BL3 is forcing builds too now with limited options available to use. If they continue to nerf weapons in this game. That is the point.


the point was that they pretty much forced builds with YC, kaoson, sandhawk and OPQ BEFORE the patch
before that it was the lob and the redi and then the anarchy
i mean
to what builds are you forced now? now that the obviously strongest weapons are no longer far of the rest?
what are you forced to use now?
is there anything that is that ridiculously far off?


or it could be because the game is what, 8-9 years old? most people have left any game by that point.

well, it has more build variety and better progression than BL3 has, allthough that’s not saying much because BL3 has none.

i play D3 every season and i know many who do so i guess everyone didn’t quit. they’re continuously adding new legendaries and sets which adds even more options. they also take balancing seriously.

if you feel forced to use it, that’s on you. seasonal set are there as a shortcut / head start in a new season to give you a push to start working towards what you actually want to play.


borderlands has skilltrees^^
in D3, you are simply unlocking a default character while leveling up, that will only be distunguished to other characters by the items that you found

Umm D3 absolutely has skill trees. It also has anointments that work in tandem with certain skills. :man_facepalming:

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skill trees that doesn’t offer a lot of variation or a meaningful progression. what it does give you is the illusion of choice when in fact it boils down to handful of ways to utilize it.

a skill tree doesn’t automatically give the game a meaningful progression.

there are also 14 item slots in D3 for items that alter your skills in different ways, ways that not even most skill trees does. it does not have a skill tree becouse it does need it and removes all the boring filler you get from a traditional skill tree.

i actually like the skiltrees of borderlands

No it’s not

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in your opinion :slight_smile:

If a player can’t handle a number, it’s a problem with the player not the game.

Not an opinion.


exactly, i never had an issue with the dmg output with D3 lol…

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Lol… Diablo has absolutely nerfed gear! There are certain gear sets that were vastly out performing on some seasons. So they would fine tune it so it wasn’t as OP… The difference is that for every build that was lowered in power there are 8-10 other sets that got tuned up. Also every gear set is viable at a high level… Just some show better than others.

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I never understood that argument. Ok the game is scaled so I do 1000 damage or 100000 damage or 10000000 damage. Who cares. Are creatures dieing and is the game flowing smoothly? That’s what I’m concerned about.

Like with WoW, the next expansion they’re halving the level cap, because 120 levels is just too much for players. Really? It is? It’s just a number by your character portrait. Are today’s players that weak minded that they can’t handle that?


Evidently. Sad times huh?

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Being a WoW player for nearly a decade, though i have stopped playing now. I was not a fan of item level shrunk and dmg shrunk etc… i guess it made sense in WoW that some mage doesn’t do 10 million dmg with a pyroblast lol… Players just had to get used to the shrunk, thats all. You would for sure feel like you got nerfed, everything is less powerful, you are doing less dmg etc… but eventually you will get used to it

Also, WoW has PVP, so it gets a little tricky there when you starts to do massive numbers on dmg

not sure what to add here
maybe just exchange weak to simple minded
other people expect more from a RPG than moving pictures and dying creatures

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