What is the lowest level a Legendary mod can be?

Interesting question I came across. I found a 26 Siren mod, and a Mechro around 20-23. Someone on gfaqs said that a lv. 9 had been found in a vendor, can’t say whether or not that’s true. Thoughts or experiences?

the first batch yeah
i’ve seen lv25-30 legendary psycho coms

The lowest I’ve ever found is 21 (I think). I’m pretty certain it was.

It had +2 down the board.

I found a lot of super under leveled items compared to their first drop in the past though.

Like a level 13 Striker.

The highest likelihood to find the lowest plausible level would most likely be from the Loot Midgets in Frost Burn, who have a high likelihood of dropping it. I think once you get out of the Southern Shelf though, random legendary drops can occur from ANY creature, regardless of level. So in theory, the first set of Bullymongs going up to the catch a ride could drop a Leg. COM. So I guess the lowest level it could possibly be would be 6.

Considering that green and blue COM’s start appearing around level 10-12-ish, it’s probably not completely impossible to get a legendary COM at level 9, however… the probability of that actually happening is somewhere in the same neighborhood as hell freezing over and pigs flying. Both in the same day! Around level 20 sounds more correct!

@Giuvito: OP said it was in a vending machine.

Yeah, I saw that. I remember finding a Purple in a vending machine SUPER early once, but it was so poorly mixed and matched.

I don’t doubt that it is a possibility, but you’d be speaking about Lotto level chances.

Just checked my lowest level character on my main account, and there are definitely level 9 COMs in Dr. Zed’s machines in Sanctuary. So yes, a level 9 legendary is possible, but from a vending machine should be considered diamond pony rarity!

Edit: The Sanctuary machines can also carry level 8 COMs. I am not sure what the minimum level requirement in the game is for a class mod, though - Paul’s article only shows the levels for weapons.

Yeah the vendor find is what someone else mentioned, I have no idea if it’s true.

“So in theory, the first set of Bullymongs going up to the catch a ride could drop a Leg. COM. So I guess the lowest level it could possibly be would be 6.”

Is it true that legendaries can’t spawn (aside from the no level Hornet) before lv. 5? I suppose that would make this the ‘best’ possible answer.

There is also the Thunderball Fist, Bonus Package, and the KerBlaster. Other than those, no legendaries can spawn on the first playthrough before you leave the Shelf.

Crap, I forgot about those. I actually have a lv. 4 Bonus Package. Thanks though, that still answered my question; I was more or less thinking world drops/chest finds.

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I actually kept all of my early drops, I switch them over to alts whenever I’m in need of a new mule.

That way I can breeze through right up to Sanctuary.

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Yeah! That lv. 4 Bonus Package was still wrecking stuff ten levels higher when I played Axton. It was crazy!

A level 4 Bonus Package will still get the job done when you’re at level 20. It’s incredibly powerful in NVHM. I got me a level 3 Kerblaster yesterday, and it got the job done all the way through Bloodshot Stronghold (lvl 13-14). Those early legendaries can really make a difference.