What is the most disgusting thing you've ever consumed?

Does medicine count? :acmbarf:

Anything with their eyes still attached counts as discusting in my book.

But to stay on topic: ox’s tongue.

I once chewed a paracetamol tablet instead of swallowing it. The taste is well… Sick.

i have an iron gut, so things that bother most people dont bother me. day old left out chicken? no problem.

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I ate frog once in Spain, wasn’t half bad.

The worse tasting thing I eaten is probaly Surrströming.

I ate a piece of bread with mold on it once.

frog legs taste like watery chicken. though when you think about what some of our favorite foods are, like shrimp, crab, or lobster, there all bottom feeders. basically sea roaches.

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I’ve eaten chocolate covered ants before, but they were good so I can’t really add them to this list. They’re like chocolate covered rice crispies.

I dont even want to know how much cat hair Ive consumed. …

If this is secretly some sort of competition, @Dr_Rosey is in an uncomfortably commanding lead here.

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A bottle of this:

I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for a day.
I also burped bubbles ( not kidding )

I did it because…5 bucks man!

I was gonna say something, but i’m just gonna keep the dirty comments to myself.
@gelatincyborg you want to talk about tastes lingering? try smells. Specifically the smell of the inside of a cow’s stomach, immediately after removing it from the cow. keep in mind this is the stomach that cows ferment food in. The one that becomes Menudo. And it ■■■■■■■ stinks.

Menudo is good if it’s made right and imo smells a ton better than liver and onions.

And Mixxd Monster. Any soft drings with an allegedly “grape” flavor is awful.

And well, I once drank diluted lemon Lysol. Nothing too serious though, some carbon pills and a lot of water made it better.
OH, I forgot sushi. I don’t get why people eats that D:

why i remembered that malcom in the middle episode?? xD

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God dammit now you’re killing people with curiosity. D:

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Most disgusting thing I’ve ever consumed is mushrooms.



Lame. Mushrooms are heavenly.

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I know, but I had nothing better D:

Nothing really strange, or exotic.

I guess prawns are pretty yuck too

Where you from?


Wait wut?

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