What is the official status on vertical splitscreen?

Time is running out with regard to returning the game for money or keeping it because this awful flaw will definitely be fixed. My spouse and I need to know what Gearbox plans to do!

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The official status is: inexplicably and pathetically missing

But seriously, if you can return the game, you probably should. You can always rebuy it (probably for a lot cheaper, considering how quickly game prices go down or on sale) once they sort this nonsense out. I got the digital version on PSN, so I don’t think there’s any refund coming my way. I’ll just leave it on my hard drive until maybe an update comes along someday making the game playable for me and my wife. (I don’t want to play single player. I bought it for us to play together, after all.)

We need to keep this issue visible and always seen at the top of any forum. So long as it is visible, it cannot be forgotten.

With all new tvs being wide screen who would of though horizonal was a good option! They must not of tryed it out first. Do they even tests games on console? Every livescreen is on pc, never seen consoles used.

One thread is enough.