What is the PC playerbase like? Specifically in AUS

Whats the playerbase for PC like specifically in AUS but also interested to know of other regions.
Players from AUS: What is the best time to play?

Really grim.
About 10 days ago I had 20 people on my friends list who would play regularly, and you could get a game in under 10 mins (still not great).
Then the matchmaker went into meltdown about 5-6 days ago, and we just could not get games - there is another thread about it, but basically we’d had 10-15+ people just on my friends list queued, and nobody would ever get matched, 5-stacks, solo q, just nothing unless we started private lobbies.
It’s had the expected effect, in the last few days I’ve seen only 2 people other than me on my list attempting to play, and I can only get games if I queue in the US (with the 200+ ms ping that goes with it).

Should be pretty chill as you are the two players who are left.


Right now just 1170 playing on PC in the whole world, cannot believe it is this low:


but steam sale in a few weeks might help.

its not as big, but it’s not a bad group… I can recognize most players that play nights now by name …which granted for a online game might not be so good to say but still, I can get games if im patient soooo yeah

Its been pretty stable the last few days. But do take into account that during the week people got school or work :slight_smile: that explains the 1k ppl at the moment.
The time I get home there are usualy 3k+ ppl.
Just dont give up and keep playing, this game must live! :wink: