What is the percentage of xp reduction for a defeat?

Does anyone know? It doesn’t seem worth it to play with new players who most likely aren’t familiar with the maps and you know you’ll probably get a defeat. I’m running with a booster and just got 26 xp. Hardly worth my time.

I don’t play versus for the XP. Story mode is much better for that. Maybe switch focus, message the new players, and invite them into Bots Battle with you so they can learn the maps and objectives? The more knowledgeable players, the better for everyone!


I’ve been running tests for weeks, Bots, OPs, Story

You get much more xp from a 15 min Bots match with success than one hour in OPs.


I’m not going to ask how extensive that testing was - I already know it’s going to be way more than I could manage!

If you want to get the most out of a booster, I recommend bots battle or other PvE options, unless you are stacking them with friends.

I had a rough time when they gave out a loot booster to everyone. I thought it would be great to run pvp because everyone’s running them. It was mostly a waste. A string of bad matches and I was kicking myself for not just running ops or something.