What is the pink icon ? (last update)

This icon appeared with the update, no idea what it is

I thought it was a Fl4k thing but it shows on every character, creepy…


I’m interested to find out. It seems to slowly tick down…


Perhaps some sort of indicator related to Lovecraftian horrors present in new DLC? (In)sanity meter?

Edit: it is present even outside of DLC2, so may be not… Mayhem 2.0 precursor?


This is the fun of new content. I have no idea! We will no doubt find out soon.


I too was wondering this. Just got off work and came to the forum to read the answer. Please, someone explain!!!

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First thing I noticed and came straight here. Is this some prank?


So I let it decay fully. Nothing happened when it emptied, and when I travelled to a new location, the icon disappeared completely. I tried returning to the Lodge to see if it came back but got nothing. I haven’t noticed anything different in gameplay while it’s been gone.

I’d love to know what it’s doing there, maybe we will find out about, ooh I dunno, Apr 1st. :upside_down_face:

I think it has to do with the vending machines all vending machines have only legendaries I might be wrong but that’s what i have noticed

It was actually code from a not implemented sanctuary mini game that activated accidentally