What is the point of skipping prologue of the game?

Hello everyone,

so yes, what is the point that you can skip the prologue in normal mode and then you can’t skip it in True vault hunter mode?

Think you have that backwards…
Normal mode you can’t skip, TVHM you can. Normal mode is designed with first time playthoughs in mind. I imagine they didn’t feel normal needed a skip prologue option since you can only reset the story in TVHM. The enemies in prologue are also intentionally super weak as you start with nothing but a pistol. In TVHM there’s no point in doing the prologue unless you just want to hear that part of the story again, so they let you skip it.

Of course I can - if we are talking about ability to start new character at L13 for DLC purposes.

You show up at Sanctuary, so lots of early quests and what not are bypassed.

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You can’t skip if you make a level 1 character. In the base game when you start for the first time/reset TVHM, it gives you the option to skip the prologue. Normal mode doesn’t do that for reasons above. DLC skipping was added post launch.

You can’t skip the prologue in TVHM. Whereas you can start a new char and jump straight to sanctuary III’s deck.

It saves some time when playing through for the 2nd+ time.

I wish it unlocked all the weapon, class mod and artifact slots though. Having to play 3/4 of the story just to use dlc artifacts is a little lame…


What saves time? You can’t skip the prologue in TVHM so it actually it doesn’t save any time.

The game refers to the prologue as everything between getting off the bus to meeting lilith for the first time. The entirity of Pandora is not the prologue. The DLC is only accessible once you reach Sanctuary so the devs did a quick fix that lets you skip straight to Sanctuary to access the DLC when making new characters, and the reason why they did that is because you can’t skip the prologue in normal mode. From the very begining before any DLC, TVHM would open a prompt asking if you want to skip the prologue. Normal mode doesn’t give said prompt. Getting to Sancurary for the first time would put you at level 12/13 and the DLC in every Boderlands game has always had a minimum level requirement, hence why you start al level 13 and not 1.

I meant new characters. Not TVHM. TVHM is a waste of time.


When I started TVHM mode with Moze it didn’t display me that prompt :frowning:

Admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve played the game, let alone reset TVHM, so unless they said something in a hotfix or someone brought it up in the forums, I wouldn’t be aware if any changes. Even still, I can’t imagine them removing the prompt to skip the prologue in TVHM to be intentional.

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The point is to get to Sanctuary faster, so you can buy all the inventory slot expansions for your mule character(s) that the game forces you to have, with its TINY bank.


your right you cant skip tvhm and its a pain in my ass. honestly should let it skip the whole story. no i dont want a reminder on how much it sucks ty

It’s be nice if you could skip all the story elements but still do the play through as I find when starting a character I’ve never done before I learn them much better by going through the whole leveling up process but in 3 it’s such a pain to actually play through the main story. So like if you had all the actual mission objectives but skipped all dialogue, cutscenes and parts where you have to just go talk to someone, basically skipping ALL the dialogue

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TVHM should just let you do all the missions in whatever order one likes on all planets from the start, and automatically scales to player level. All quests should be repeatable too, especially if they have a unique reward.

If one desired a complete playthrough with story, Marcus and his bus or Claptrap could be waiting at the starting area.

If I were making the game I’d also include giant creature hunts and save some of the sillier quests to be discoverable only in TVHM.

Other cool things to do would include receiving certain legendary or unique weapons as a reward for x amount of kills with a weapon type, legendary shields as a reward for taking x amount of damage etc. which would also be repeatable for farming purposes.

Anyway, I digress. The game could have been so much better.