What is the point of TVHM in 3 other than a story restart?

With mayhem mode and being able to easily get to the level cap in NVHM why got to TVHM? The only thing I see as a difference is that enemies are harder and elemental damage bonuses get more extreme but to me that doesn’t make enough of a reason to go to it. In all the previous games once you beat the main story you’d hit a “soft cap” on your level as the enemies stopped scaling at a certain point (30 for NVHM, 50 for TVHM. In 2 and TPS at least) but with mayhem mode they dont stop scaling so theres no need to go to TVHM to level up more so it seems so odd to me. Kinda feels like it’s there just because its part of borderlands now so it has to be there.

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Only point I see is to get quest rewards at current level but then there’s really only a point to it if you reach max level BEFORE you start TVHM.

Only useful feature of it is that it’s resetable like UVHM in previous games. But with the availability of legendary weapons, there’s no need for re-acquiring the quest rewards at max level really, except maybe a couple specific ones like Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge.

I think TVHM is just a “leftover” from previous games and they should’ve just merge it with mayhem mode and have two modes of the game - Normal the way it is (with pre defined levels and no Mayhem) and Mayhem mode, which should’ve included features from TVHM, UVHM and Mayhem - resetable, level-scaled mode with extra enemy types and repeatable quests (and preferably, skippable dialogues and cutscenes).

If you are using Mayhem, there is no difference in elemental bonus/penalty.
TVHM is only for resetting the Story, and it was really good decision.


For me the normal mode playthrough is the one that always has every area unlocked for each character if I want to access a place but I don’t have it unlocked on TVHM due to a reset. So if I want to farm the boss of DLC3 but I just reset TVHM so I could play through DLC2 for another Pearl of Knowledge, I have my normal mode backup with all of DLC3 still unlocked.

At this moment it’s just there and you don’t have to play it if you don’t want to :innocent:

But me like most people use it to reset progress and not lose everything because there are still no options other then to reset the whole chabang…

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Rather than looking at it as pointless because it’s not mandatory anymore. I look at it as extra possibility. You can play dlc story twice, on level, with your characters. Without having to reset the whole thing.

Don’t remember who pointed it out but it’s also useful as an easy way to go back to Sanctuary. With your character playing in one mode and stationed on Sanctuary III on the other mode. Every New-U stations become a fast travel. Quit/save change mode and you can drop your gear in the bank, buy blue milk or do whatever you want. Then switch back to what you were doing. Convenient when your farming target is not close to a Fast Travel or for larger maps.


Answers, but not a definitive ones:

You prefer to reach max level via gaining XP through completing missions rather than running maps and farming bosses.

You played online with someone who completed missions with you in game, that you didn’t truly get to play for yourself.

To choose alternative outcomes in side missions or optional objectives you skipped in the first play through.

To fight named enemies or bosses that don’t respawn after the first encounter.

To replay the game’s story at your desired difficulty level, beginning to end.

Personally once I beat NVHM I go straight to TVHM to keep leveling up so I can play the DLCs in NVHM or TVHM at Max level with Mayhem.

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Console pearl farming. Would add Rico but Beskar exist.


Yeah it’s a bit of a relic. It’s useful for that Sanctuary bank trick though heh.

But It’s desirable if you want a game world that’s always scaled to your character’s level if you don’t want to turn on Mayhem mode at all, and/or if you want to reset your playthrough at some point.


Beskar is a great shield. Even more so if it’s amp.