What is the purpose of TVHM?

Is there a real purpose to playing through TVHM? Since you can level up to 50 on normal with M3 , i can finish off all my side quests i didn’t bother with and its all level scaling now. Is it really worth it to have to run through the entire campaign again? I know that the variety of enemies will change but is the loot going to be THAT much better to make it worth it?

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I am also looking for an answer to this. Many people say different stuff about it.

I have heared everything from better drop chances to harder fights. But nobody can actually write down some facts or numbers.

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A GBX announcement about it (please don’t ask me where!) did indeed say better loot and faster XP gain. It’s possible that certain story points also give you different rewards (like in TPS and - to some extent - BL2).


I have had very little increase in quality or quantity of good loot drop. So little that I cannot see a noticable difference. I also still get lvl 49 gear and that has almost turned me off to this game entirely. On Mayhem 3 no less.

If I were to guess - it provides options to players. Someone who comes from the school of “leave all side quests to TVHM to get high level quest rewards” (not me, but I’ve heard it frequently enough in BL2) might prefer second playthrough.

If you think story is stupid and want to avoid doing it again - now you don’t have to. Or something like that.

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Think of it as an ability to get the Story reward weapons all scaled to level 50. Not necessarily side mission weapons, but the Story rewards, like Cloud Kill for example.

And TVHM supposedly has a higher drop percentage than normal, which should be more apparent with mayhem activated as well.

That is what everyone says. Also you can activate M3 on normal mode. But numbers?

I mean, why posting a thread, why not playing it??

You make me wonder as well…
I am doing TVHM now for the sake of it… But come to think of it there isn’t much difference except a few that I can see:

  • I was able to get Marcus Read chest in first chapter (since you only get one chance and you can miss it). Similarly I was able to get the Nog Grenade again! :slight_smile: (not sure you can without new game in TVHM)
  • Mission XP is huge, and with TVHM+Mayhem is much huger, but I already did all mission before completing the game, so it’s my second chance to get those bonus XP
  • I read taht TVHM+Mayhem mode accumulate together, not sure it’s true… Maybe the PC version is bugged and (like the console version) you need to unlock Mayhem first in TVHM to really multiply the bonus?! (I will find that out :smiley: )

In TVHM you can reset all missions at main menu.

I’m posting a thread because i work 7-5, 5 days a week. And I probably only get about 2 hours of play time maybe 4-5 days a week. I feel like my time might just be better suited completing the game fully on normal. Especially to be able to keep up with all the DLC that is going to be coming for this game

dont forget we will eventually get UVMH in the future, you will be happy to have completed TVMH when we get it. Heres what the wife and I will do. We are curently finishing the campaign and challenges on normal ( we will save 1 hammerlock and 1 zero challenge untouched for when we hit 50 because the rewards are awesome) after story completion we will do all sidequest on normal mayhem to hit 50 then start TVMH and probably an ALT and switch between them.

So when you bring up the menu to select game modes it states “more levels” for TVM…

Perhaps implementing that might get people interested in actually playing TVM.

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I find it…interesting that new enemy types isn’t a good enough reason for some people to want to play in TVHM. Do you peeps really want to just oneshot basic Bandits forever?

Can definitely understand having limited playtime available though.

Still, if you’re Lv50 I recommend at least blitzing through TVHM story missions since all those juicy weapons you get from missions and caches will be Lv50 too.

tvhm mayhem 3 vs normal mode mayhem 3, 0 difference drop and xp wise

Considering that TVHM currently is obsolete on PC because you can enable Mayham without finishing it I d say its designed as a pure time waster forcing you to play the boring story with all its unskippable cutscenes yet again…yay

  • Different elemental damage scaling
  • Some Badasses have Shield, Armor, and Health
  • Chance to get Annointed quest rewards

That’s all I can tell so far. It definitively could use more incentives.

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Is there a source for this?

Don’t know about the elemental scaling and annointed quest rewards, but those badasses with shield, armor and health are showing up on normal mode + Mayhem, too. So they can’t be a TVHM only thing. Same for annointed stuff in general (bosses, chests, mobs).