What Is the Rarest Title (non lvl related)

What titles do you have that you think are rare and which are elusive and you are hunting for. Share cool stories about when you got it and such, Just kind of curious

“Season Pass Owner”. It made me cringe. Like “look, I paid more than you” instead of “look what I earned for skill”. Only saw it once in matchmaking.


I think “Old Man Cranky” is up there. I’ve seen alot of season pass myself. I’m curious how many exactly though lol


Little obvious but wouldn’t the rarest title be the Angel of Death - 10,000 BB kills? Or do you mean the rarest title you’ve seen so far?

Yeah, That weve seen.

I saw Unkillable today that was pretty impressive. Also, i change my last answer, Exterminator has to be the hardest title in game, 25 sentry kills in incursion without taking damage thats insane.

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Pretty sure it counts if you go back to base when it is at low health, regen there, and then come back to finish it off at full health and shield. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened to be one round when it gave another tally toward that title.

I think the rarest I’ve seen is Bada Bada Boom. 12 super kills in a single match. Your team would have to be steamrolling and stop pushing specifically to farm for enough kills before the match ends. THAT I’ve heard has happened a lot more lately.

Are you talking about unkillable or extermnator? Unkillable wouldnt be to bad if you kept porting back, but the way Exterminator is written is without taking damage… like at all which sounds weirdly hard. Bada Bada Boom seems easier on a character like OM use air strike at the right times to finish someone off, it’ll beimpossible on someone like Kelvin >.>

Anyone with Exterminator was probably a Marquis Overgrowth cheeser.

Let’s call a spade a spade shall we? Haha


Yeaaaaaaaaaah lets not kid ourselves here :stuck_out_tongue:

hobo ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Its becoming more and more common but Worthy of Song is up there. I think BADA BADA BOOM is the most impressive as of right now though. There are medals that are “rare” as of now for have a large number of something but as the game grows older these will be less and less impressive.

I was going to get worthy of song until I told my friend and he came over to my lane and stole all my kills XD. Finished the match with 18 assists, almost all of them being top damage.

You don;t need friends like that… kill stealing is serious business.

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I have Unkillable and I’m the only one I have ever seen with it playing xbox.

I also had it in the beta but I always wore worthy of song.

I recently accomplished always late: Getting 2000 assists…But I feel like thats more of a time based achievment everyone who puts in enough time is bound to get it eventually.

dude i got it unkillable and all my buddys got it also xD we are on xbox i got worthy of song and bada bada boom …

I wanted to say Pentastrike, but to be honest, I saw more Pentastrike then Four Sensitive. I think I have yet to see a player with Four Sensitive.

Gearbox always talks about analyzing data. I would think they could easily look at which titles are the rarest, maybe even break it out by platform.

That would be some interesting info for a Battleplan, and one that wouldn’t cause any consternation. Which they kinda need right now.

I once saw a Gearbox Dev title… XD