What is the 'Remaining Refunds' in the Marketplace Purchase History?

Just saw the ‘Refunds Remaining: 3’ in the Loot Packs Purchase History in the Marketplace.

What is it?

I just had a look, if you buy a pack and you haven’t opened it, you can get an option to refund it. I assume you just get your credits back incase you buy the wrong pack accidentally.

I have this too. I don’t have any packs, though.

May be the number of times you can refund in total.

But what even is a refund?

I suspect @randytask is accurate. If you can use that to refund an accidental purchase, it’s sorta buried. Add that to the long long … LONG list of UI overhaul needs.

Ah yes, indeed. That’s how it goes. I wonder why three. Does it reset?

Does refund work for characters ?