What is the spawn rate/legendary drop rates for the loot midgets in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve?

I went to the loot midget spawn about 20 times and about 7 times they didn’t spawn and the rest of the times they didn’t drop any legendaries. Am I not doing it enough times?

If you’re talking about the box room, best results are always while you have the side quest “Doctor’s Orders” accepted but not completed, and you have not picked up any echoes. You will usually get as many LLMs as you have uncollected echoes, although sometimes you will get 1 less.

If you’ve completed and turned in Doctor’s Orders (or not accepted it), the rate of LLMs is no better than anywhere else.

As far as their drops, the legendaries are simply one of the things, along with relics, that you can get. So no, you won’t always get a legendary. There was fairly extensive testing of the drop rates when the game came out, but that all became moot when the drop rates were increased across the board last year. I don’t know if anyone’s tried doing an updated survey of LLM spawns and drops since then. In my experience, you’ll get at least one relic or legendary every run if you get all four LLMs to spawn.

this, I have farmed the LLM’s just recently and that is the way it worked out. Do remember getting aboth a relic and a legend in one run, but couldn’t tell you weather it was from the room or a random pop from opening all the stuff between the annex and the room.

I remember those, it would be nice, to find and repost those or start a new thread devoted retracing those drop rates

Well, there’s this which is the most recent:

Edit: Just double-checked, and that’s all after the drop rate increases went out in the hotfix (and were made permanent in the Oct. 2015 patch) Yay!

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I used to farm those four loot midgets for hours and get 2 or 3 legendary or pearl drops every time! Good times. I just did about 20 runs and only got 4 relics of the ancients… Don’t know what happened to the drop rates

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They nerfed them.

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They got nerfed hard after they ‘mysteriously’ disappeared for one day. They were never the same after that.

unless that nerf was after July 17th, then just a case of bad RNG all around, posted this on “Finds for the day” on the 17th,

did a little Low Level farming in the WEP, got a Level 17 Longbow Pandemic Cutting Edge Bitch Casual Flakker Sticky Lobbed Bouncing Bonny Tactical Hornet

that was just 10 runs on NVHM

Prior to Oct '15 I used to get ~1/6 legendaries. Now it is more 1/16.

Relics, pearls, and e-techs are included in the range of items that the LLMs can drop - are you counting those as well, or just orange stuff? Because you can get a run of relics, which is a pain when you were looking for legendaries.

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as VaultHunter101 says, all those are included/counted in their drop rates, so if you are counting only gold then the drop rate would seem higher

Hopefully your not getting stuck into a Bad RNG loop like I am with the Loot Train/Snowman, my RNG in that DLC is so bad that, from the day it came out to now, counting everything it can drop, I have got only “1” OP 8 Rapid Infinity from it.

Just orange and pearls. Though almost every drop used to have at least a relic, now I can go 10 without seeing anything.

Just posted this in the general discussion thread. If others are still seeing a good amount of legendaries per 100 then I guess I’m just having bad luck. But I have killed 160 and saw two, and about 15 green items…

So I have recently got back into BL2 after a layoff from the PS3 version and now on PS4. I got to 72 and decided to go to the old route of using Doctor’s Orders/Animal Rights to farm 4 midgets in the one room. I have definitely noticed the increase in drop rate in the world, especially on boss mini boss farming where the rate seems to be 1/10 runs on average. However when farming the midgets I have got 2 drops in 40 runs. So 160 midgets with 1 pearl and 1 legendary. I’m not here to complain and I understand this could be RNG, but I wanted to know if there was a decrease that I’m unaware of to LLM after the increase in the drops from bosses etc. This could be to encourage playing the game in other areas then just farming midgets.

I am getting relics as normal, but what I found odd is I am now getting green drops. I got about 15 green drops during the run.

Again, I’m not complaing about drop rates. Just wanted verification if I missed something.


After a long time having stopped farming the loot midgets in the WEP, I re-started again last week-end. I’m (still) on X360 with the last patched version of the game.

A SINGLE run with one of my mechros (UVHM lvl72 no OP) yields 3 pearlescents from the 4 midgets AND 1 legendary from the chest! I was more than amazed. But this is merely RNG wonder. I never got that in the past. But this happens maybe once in your lifetime. Not to mention that I played lottery the same day (without any luck).

Then, I restart the game for a new session with one of my sirens for a 5-6 hours session of farming in the WEP. It seems that the drop rate is similar to what I got in the past (1-2 years ago or something like that). I only got greens from JENKINS as usual. I got legendaries and pearlescents at the same rate as in the “past”, no more, no less. The patch that has increased the drop rate for the legendaries on the bosses does not affect the drop rate for the loot midgets (my guess). As usual, there is a kind of peak in the drop rate, and then suddenly a “drop” in the drop rate, meaning that it is time to do something else.

When I got the 3 pearlescents from the 3 midgets, I was “mobbing” and fighting many bosses during a single long game session, 4-5 hours long, uninterrupted, with many bosses and mini-bosses, pyro pete notably, and did several cyclic runs of the Forest/Dust/Frostburn Canyon where the foes had time to respawn. During this long single (cyclic) run, I got quite no legendary at all (or maybe just a COM from a chubby). I guess that the RNG management of the game “accumulated” my bad odds to the point that 3 subsequent loot midgets gave me 3 pearlescents. My guess.

Nope. Doesn’t work like that. It’s possible to make a game that has devious RNG-manipulation baked in but, frankly, that kind of stuff just complicates the code, wastes memory, and adds more potential bug sources.

I could be wrong but I don’t think Jenkins has the LLM loot pool. I’ve never seen him drop more than a random green myself. I actually kinda get disappointed when I see him pop out because I know he’s not gonna drop anything good, hehe.

Actually, I think you’re right and he just has a normal loot pool. I’ve certainly never seen a “Legendary Jimmy Jenkins” pop up in UVHM, anyway.

Nope, your right. His only point in existence is to complete the one BAR Challenge (and it is a pain, you only need 16 to complete Tiers 1 thru 5, but dang his spawn rate makes Legendarys seem to drop like blues in comparison) , other then that he’s totally worthless to farm.

Which is why I was so miffed to get TWO during a single WEP run once. Dagnabbit Jenkins, get back in the box!

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Ha, yeah, I once got a double Jenkins doing the doctor’s orders boxes too. But of course, it had to be on a character that I’d already completed his BAR challenge on, heh.