What is this "Data Center" thing in mission options?

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Could you elaborate?

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It’s so you can select where the server is that is hosting your game. The closer the server is to everyone, the less noticeable the latency will be.

I wonder why did they put it into private missions/matches while it would be most useful in public so that you could change a region you’re matched with instead of changing it in Steam settings that requires to restart both the game and Steam.

It’s because of their matchmaking system. The way it works now, it doesn’t check player latency until after it’s found five, then five, then put the two fives together. At that point, it searches for a server, and decides an optimal data center based on whichever will give the best connection to the majority.

At this point, of course, it’s too late for matchmaking to decide “oh hey, these people are Australians with 400ms, they really shouldn’t be in this match.” The players are locked in, and they’re going to play on the “optimal” server - like it or not.

So, they can provide the option in private precisely because private is exempt from the atrocious matchmaking design. :confused:

edit: This of course is how it works on console - Steam has its own region locking, which apparently influences matchmaking in a way that console players have no equivalent for.

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