What is this game's MAIN COMPETITIVE mode?

What do you think will be the mode that is played most in the competitive game area (Esports)?


My gut tells me Incursion.
My heart wishes for Meltdown.

I wouldnt be surprised if you saw all 3 being played. Best out of 3/5/7 games supports it as well. Each gamemode has a different team comp that goes well, different builds so I believe the competitive scene would be missing something if only 1 were used. Most FPS in the Esports utilize different gamemodes while even MOBAs have tournaments for their smaller modes, even though the traditional 3 Lane is used in the bigger MOBAs most of the time.

Most likely will be Meltdown and Incursion. I see Capture as more or less the ‘easiest’ competitive multiplayer mode in that you don’t have too much strategy to employ compared to the other modes. Capture seems like the gateway into competitive multiplayer for those who don’t usually play PvP FPS games.

Capture - easy - 10 minute game
Meltdown - medium - 15/20 minute game
Incursion - hard - max 30 minute game

i don’t think it will be capture. Meltdown is possible and 2K has been showing this mode on some LAN/eSports events. Although competitive its relative easy to pick up and the “short” matches make it easy to look to. Incursion could also be very likely. i got the feeling this mode will be for more skilled players. i guess incursion will be the mode to go to if battleborn sells well and you want to compete with the best ?

But this all will rely on support.
No community support = less support by gbx (balance priority) = no esports

I’m guessing incursion because it definitely seems to have the most thought put into it. I think capture is intended to focus on direct battleborn on battleborn combat, which I think is kinda cool.

Capture is the easiest to get in to, yes. But at the core, it is still a gamemode that requires skill and massive amounts of teamwork. Team-fighting in Capture will be a lot more important than in the other two just due to the insane quick pace of Capture. Both teams holding a point and contesting the middle point and then one team taking it for even a couple seconds to gain that edge can mean the win or loss on a high-end setting.

Meltdown is much slower pace than the other two game modes, action wise. At least from the one map we have seen, there is a lot of ground to cover and traverse from one lane to the next, therefore ganking and team-fighting does not happen nearly as often until a big push is needed.

Incursion is one big cluster in the middle of the map, but minions are the most important thing, not getting Battleborn kills. So this gamemode will have a lot of potential teamwork and skill to showcase the map design, turret placements, camps to farm, etc, Capture will show that slayer, team fighting side. Where people like your Montanas have to be in front of your high-damage dealers to protect them. Letting that Orendi Ultimate hit your Montana or your squishy Thorn can make the difference in whether or not you keep control of that middle point.

I would love to see a Capture the Flag gamemode in the future. Though map design would have to heavily cater to such things for balance and such.

I’d like to see some type of gamemode where you escort a large objective like a tug of war type thing

There are some very mobile heroes i guess the other heroes will have a hard time catching up and therefore you will see the same heroes each match.

Rath & Deande outrun everyone
Caldarius & Toby will be using their jump boosts
Benedict flies away.
Mellka is also very mobile.
El dragón is also speedy

I don’t think people put a tank hero at drop point waiting for the other team

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Well said.

I’ve always thought a team v team survival mode would be fun. One life, fighting against harder and harder waves of minions till one team craps out.

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Most of the speedy characters have no Hard CC like a Tank character does. Rath goes in to grab Flag, Montana stuns, even if Rath doesnt die to Montana, it gives Montanas team a couple seconds more to come back and pinch the Rath, therefore securing the kill.

What also would be interesting if the Esports scene opt to utilize a ban/pick phase. Each team gets to ban 2 heroes, so 4 in all every game. Would make team comps pretty interesting then and each pro player would have to have a wider array of usable heroes. Though one could argue 25/26 characters is not enough for a ban/pick phase to be done.

The only way Capture the Flag would work is if holding the flag disables ALL of your special abilities, you can only use your basic attack.

I agree, no special abilities while holding the “flag”. They could adapt so many things with this kind of game-mode. Flag could be a bomb, baby minion, you could even throw the gametype in to modes like Incursion or Meltdown to apply an extra layer of depth.

Meltdown: Middle of map, bomb spawns every 3 minutes instead of large shard. One shots any type of minion within x meters and does 500 damage to enemy Battleborn within x meters and stuns for 1 second. Would make people contest the top area instead of really not caring about that top shard. Teams would have to prepare for it.

Incursion: Same idea, have bomb spawn somewhere away from middle of map, where a couple characters go and fight over it. Def turn a team-fight or minion push in to base pretty hard.

The only way it CTF could reasonably work is if the flag carrier became encumbered, only able to use basic attacks, and any special abilities would drop the flag. But escorting that slow-moving flag carrier would be a huuuuuge contrast to Battleborn’s 3 other fast-paced PvP modes. Nothing against CTF. In fact it was my #1 favorite game type from the Halo games. But it would not fit well in Battleborn.

From what I’ve seen, Incursion will be the #1 competitive mode. There is a lot of strategy packed into that one game type. When to push, when to get mercs, which turrets to buy and when, when to farm Shards, where and when to ambush, and when to set up team fights.

I think it’d be cool to see tournaments that incorporate all 3 game types though. Perhaps have them weighted differently. I’ve never run a tournament before, so I can’t work out the details.

If you want to run one in your community it would be pretty easy. Run a multi bracket event for each mode. Or my favorite is to do a point based match and rotating reach team through out. 2 points for team win 1 for a tie. After 3 or more rounds the top 4 teams compete for forth, third, second, and first place. It’s like a modified round robin. Or just do a round robin.

The “Flag” could also be carried by a Minion.

Like… the “flag” is supposed to be something radioactive or whatever, so it give a reason for it. And when you reach it, it drop a minion who will slowly get back to your base (Maybe with a few different possible path).
The enemy team would need to “deactivate” it by attacking it, and have to touch it to get the “flag” back once it’s deactivated (And then it explode, because why not).
And you could reactivate it after a few seconds by spending shards (If it still have a flag).

This could be kinda cool if you had to protect a specific minion. I’m still kinda a fan of my tug of war idea

Well, you still got to escort your minion back to base once it’s deployed and carry the enemy’s “flag”, so it sort of is?