What is this little guy and how do i get one

dont mind the trail of bullets leading up to him.

Lemme do some quick genesplicing then put the DNA soup into an incubator. Should take about 20 minutes and totally not have horrible consequences like when I tried to genetically make a real Pikachu and ended up with a radioactive chipmunk that shot lasers out of its eyes and was last seen on a ship headed towards Australia… >.>

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He is a saurian on Eden 6. There is a sidequest on Eden 6 where you are accompanied by one named Pippie or something like that. Do that quest and Pippie will appear on Sanctuary.

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You’re welcome. I do enjoy seeing Pippie (as well as Ava’s pet) wandering Sanctuary.

does ava’s pet turn into the hell demon if its not loved enough? couldnt get an answer when i posted the little hell spawn.

Um her pet is kind of a lizard monkey thing. Looks kind of like the pyjaks from Mass Effect 3, but never saw it change from that. So I am not sure.

(Edit) Or are you talking about the Kevins which are a sidequest to remove Claptrap’s pet and it’s spawns?

thats probably it then. i havent done any side missions really