What is this? Offline mode?

Went to go kill graveward with the Rowan’s Call I just got and he dropped 6 legendaries in online mode.

And yet people still complain about droprates rather than about how crowded the world drop loot pool is.

Low drop rates don’t mean he can’t drop 6 legendary items at a time (though for that 2 have to be Cosmetics as in your screenshot, not equippable items) only that it will happen less frequently.

Just because the world drop pool is crowded doesn’t mean the droprates aren’t too low as well.

How each person prioritises these issues, or whether they are an issue for them as an individual.

For example, I don’t particularly care the world loot pool is like it is. I have a lot of time to play so it’s not an issue for me. On the other hand, I want to make zone-clearing builds and just smash my way through the various areas of BL3 and have legendary items drop more frequently.

If I can go to Graveward and get 6 legendary items a kill, why can’t I get more than one to four for clearing an entire zone? In terms of effort Vs reward, boss killing clearly drops a lot more. doesn’t that mean drop rates are a pretty big issue?

All joking aside:

So, while I recognise that some people have an issue with the loot pool and it should probably be looked at, if I had to choose between the two I’d choose increased droprates.

Just because you don’t agree with people who thing droprates are the bigger issue doesn’t mean they don’t have perfectly good reasons for thinking differently.

Droprates for clearing zones like Athenas or Tazander’s Ruins should be increased, but lots of people complain about droprates being overnerfed on bosses which I find ridiculous.

I also find how crowded the world drop pool is to be ridiculous, I’ve been going through the slaughter circle a few times each play session (I play mostly during weekends) for the last couple of weeks getting upwards of 30-40 legendaries for 2-3 goes through the slaughter shaft and still haven’t had a single Rowan’s Call drop for me. I had to trade for one today just to get one.

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