What is this 'OP8' that people speak of?

I am pretty new to gaming and have no idea about a lot of the things people talk about on these forums when it comes to Bordlerlands but it is my favorite game and I want to progress well so I’m asking as many questions as I can. Any help and advice will always be much appreciated! One thing I do want to know is what ‘OP8’ means?


When you complete each run through Digistruct Peak, you gain an Overpower level. Gear drops are higher level, enemies are higher level, but your health remains the same. It’s basically a way of introducing a difficulty slider into the game. You need to hit max level in UVHM first to start unlocking OP levels. OP 8 == level 80.

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One place you may like to visit is this thread …

A lot of regulars in there :point_up: and all willing to help with answers to you many questions i’m sure, not to mention you can tell us what you’ve been up to on Pandora :smiley:


I’d like to start with which character you’re currently progressing? Next, I’d ask if you could post your build and gear. To see what you’re working with and offer suggestions and advice.

Lastly, Welcome Vault Hunter. You’ve become a member of the best forum on the web, imo. :innocent: Everyone in here is polite and considerate and willing to help. Enjoy!


Any questions regarding specific characters are best posted in the relative section. Then the help will start flooding in.
crosses fingers, please be Axton


Sorry that my reply is late, I’ve somehow only just seen this response. I’m a level 54 siren playing through UVHM. I haven’t really thought much about specific builds yet, I’ve been playing pretty casually until now, using the most powerful weapons that I can find and that I like using.


one of the nice things with Maya is that her builds are quite easy, if you are loving your current build go with it… imho Maya is “complete” by this level in that you have access to her most important skills of Ruin, Reaper, Cloud Kill, Chain Reaction, Wreck, Res (if co-op), Converge, you’re fine along with useful skills like Sweet Release and Foresight…

If you haven’t run across a Leg Siren class mod yet, I recommend Binder mods for the cooldown and boost to Reaper or Wreck, a Proficiency relic is useful too for the cooldown reduction… What I show below is the standard base of all the main Maya builds… Some skills, like Immolate and Ward are to taste, the ones I listed above are the key ones and if you really like Kinetic Reflection for example, then go with what you like, not what you saw on a random forum post…


Inertia would be the next skill I would fill to at least 4/5 following on from the build I show above. This build can then be extended into the main endgame Maya setups…

I’d like to just say that I am pretty underwhelmed that no one just explained the level cap and what exactly Digistruct Peak was outright?

If xoGeorgi has the Handsome Collection, the sheer amount of content is probably a lot to take in at once, and a lot of it exists without explanation.

I bought BL2 GOTY in spring of 2014 for PC along with BL GOTY and there’s nothing to tell you what to play, when, all you have is a list of installed DLC, and it’s every freaking thing in one big list with no rhyme or reason, character packs, skins, heads, campaign dlcs, headhunter packs, UVHM packs, the whole mess.

And then there’s the double edge of trying to just find out basics, and instead having the whole experience spoiled a bit because so much of the coverage is exhaustive and doesn’t take for account the fun of getting to play and discover the game as if it was brand new.

I wish the in game update scroll was revised so it cycled through all the pertinent updates in chronological order, from the earliest DLCs to the last ones that would be really helpful to players. And show it during load screens too. That way when someone new gets the game, they will have an idea of what came out in what order, and the purpose of it in context to the rest of the game content.

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