What is this trying to be?

This is just another VS shooter with skills you can level up. I think you guys might need to draw in some changes because most people are getting sick of shooters. Where is the luck aspect of cards? I think the card aspect needs to be dropped completely unless you plan on changing gameplay where it focuses on cards.

I think you’re onto something but calling it ‘cards’ when it’s really just skills you can level up. It doesn’t even feel like its collectible when you collect the same cards over and over again. If you want a card game it needs to be luck of the draw not. Choose your skills. I mean the best part of cards is the luck of the draw and getting those great pulls that save your ass in a match. If you guys implemented a system that could carry on that to a shooter. You would have gold. I mean look at Borderlands the best aspect was getting that unique loot from the luck of the drop. It wasn’t just leveling up your skills it was they worked together with a luck based drop system. Where is this games luck based drops and rare mob spawns? What is making this game special and not just another shooter with skills.

This is why hearthstone does so well it manages to balance skill ,strategy and luck. Right now the only strategy involves leveling your ‘cards’ and spamming it when you’re in the game with a cooldown… Which is a skill based game like Paladins,dota, lol. Where cooldowns of those skills are your only strategy and balance. This should be called a MOBA shooter with 1v1 only. I think you guys been playing too much MOBA. Lol.

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I agree the card would make sense if you draw them. Like you have a deck, and each time you die, you take random card and switch equipment everytime. I like that idea.

Yeah. I would probably have 20 skill card decks and 10 card weapon card decks. You get 1 weapon card drawn at the start of game. 3 skill cards and a skill card drawn every 30 seconds and you can only hold 3 skill cards. People have 15 life points(lives). That way you can have cards that you know “Score a kill with this “SKILL BASED CARD” and you take 2x lives” While you can go build an entire skill based deck or play safe and do decks that are passive with some skill based opportunities. Once all cards are drawn life damaging penalty is added so the games don’t last more than 10 minutes. I mean right now the way skills are it’s more like hero powers from MOBA games. Skill cards can also enhance your weapons damage or destroy your opponents weapon where they draw a new weapon. When all 10 weapons are destroyed they lose. Adding different ways to achieve victory.


yea or maybe something like you can set up decks with x amount of cards and every time u die in a match u draw 3 new cards from your deck that you had set up for that match… right now how the game is the card system could just be called a skill system where u pick ur skills… these actual card game ideas that we have in this thread seem much more unique and fun.

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Love this suggestion and completely agree. There needs to be more skill involved in card choice and adding some luck in. Otherwise, it actually can support a pay to win aspect where those who have the money to spend will have the best cards (or as you put it correctly, skills) leveled up. A deck mechanic introduces a different approach and planning while involving some randomization that forces adaptation and deck awareness that affects your strategy through the whole game. Bad draws the first half? You know strong cards are likely to be drawn and favor less engagement. Strong draws? Choosing the right time to use that skill when it matters most, or going aggressive to end it early.

I also think that there’s no way this game can remain a solely 1v1 experience. It needs 2s, 3s, 5s. This opens up huge doors for complimentary deck builds. 1v1 will not carry this game to success.

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I’m liking the ideas being shared here!
Here’s a thought:
What if you were allowed to build a deck (lets say 20 cards) and you are given a random 3 at the beginning of the match (1 of which is guaranteed to be a weapon for fairness sake, unless you want to be a melee ninja) which you can select to discard for another card(s) 1 time before the match.
Once the match starts and if/when you die, you get another 3 random cards from your deck to choose from, and the card you pick gets added to your “loadout”.
Basically, this would give more abilities to whomever is behind, so it SHOULD keep things more even.
The current winner gets the challenge of an ever increasingly difficult opponent, and the current loser gets to become increasingly more powerful; win/win, everybody has fun.