What is this weapon?

I’m hoping one of you here can help. I was playing a Takedown yesterday and unfortunately 3 of the 4 (including me) got killed just before Wotan. The forth player went into Wotan solo. Now he was using a weapon and for the life of me i can’t find out what it was so i’m hoping one of you will be able to figure it out for me.

He used it generally when Wotan’s shields were down. It seemed to shoot some projectiles which looked a bit like a comet or meteor. There were maybe 6-8 projectiles per reload (guess). The projectiles were reasonably slow moving, seems to travel in a straight line and passed through Wotan doing MASSIVE damage. Each reload would chunk him. The player was a level 53 Zane if that matters.

Can somebody figure it out?

Probably Cutsman, universal boss-killer.

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I think too that it was a Cutsman. That would explain the slow moving projectiles in straight line and going through Wotan.

No, this wasn’t a cutsman from the third person view. It was much more grouped, best i can describe is like one large projectile like a rocket which penertrated through Wotan. I’ve checked out all elemental cutsman and it was not that…

Check on ION Cannon or Scourge. But I doubt it was the Scourge. More like ION Cannon. But those projectiles don’t go through mobs.

Try this site. Might help.

Looked at them, it was not either of them. The projectiles were slow moving in comparrison to the ION cannon and there were more of them. Like i said, 6-8 maybe. They were also just themselves with no rockets coming off the main shot unlike the Scourge. I’m at a loss…

Than I don’t have any idea. Try the site I shared, you can select the rarity, gun type and manufacturer individually. But I still think it was a Cutsman.

What was the gun looking like? smg? shotgun? maybe it was kill o the wisp?

It sounds like a purple rocket launcher, don’t remeber which one exactly, but it was non-unique RL.

Edit: It’s Lump, Torgue rocket launcher.

I have tried, but i have no idea what to search for. I mean the reason i’m bothered about this is it was absolutely chunking Wotans HP each time a projectile passed through. I have a shock cutsman and i know the damage that does. But this was against Wotan unshielded and the projectile was almost like a lightish projectile like a rocket or comet looking thing that just chunked him. We’re talking one mag to basically take him to the next phase and that is mayhem 3.

Kill o wisp is the closest in terms of speed i guess but that wouldn’t do that much damage. Plus it was a closer grouped projectile, less of a ball, more of a rocket type thing.

Sorry all for the vagueness, i was just blown away by the power of this thing and pressumed i’d be able to find it.

Maybe its tiggs boom? This shotgun penetrate enemies.

I edited my previous post, try Lump, Torgue rocket launcher.

You can see it in action here.

Well you need to describe it better, I am sorry but I am completely lost by yours indications :rofl:
Did you see what the gun looked like?
What color was the projectile? what size? Did it fire several projectiles at the same time?

Also don’t underestimate kill o the wisp (which is the closest to what you described)
see this video from one of the resident Zane specialist

Tiggs boom is the closest to how to projectiles looked. Imagine the “fixed” meteors of the Tiggs Boom leaving the gun in a straight line instead which pass through Wotan and that’s what the projectiles looked like. Obviously it can’t be that as they came from the player and not the sky but that’s what they looked like. I didn’t catch what the gun looked like. Foolishly i assumed i’d be able to find it.

The projectiles were seperate so it was not like multiple at once but like several shots.

I mean does Zane have any grenade mods which would follow his shots like this at all, i have not played him yet so not sure how it works.

it is effectively possible using duct tape ability to fire grenade simultaneously with your first shot

If Zane shoots through the barrier shots are amped giving a pinkish glow with a slight trail.


(comet like). :smiley:

That’s it. That’s the one. I have just found a video of what it was i saw. I think at least.

He was a barrier Zane, using a Cutsman. I couldn’t make out the Cutsman because of the strange looking projectiles. I appologise if this seemed foolish but i’d never seen a Zane with that build.

I never thought i’d say it but guess i’m making a Zane build now because that was seriously cool.

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aaaaaaw what a let down I was starting to enjoy the mystery :rofl: well case closed