What is Up With Blacksite Matchmaking?

Have had very little problems and quick matchmaking…on PC…till Saturday afternoon/Night…and it continued today into sunday.

Basically Prime gamer time.

Takes FOREVER to get a team…

And once you actually have a team , a connection error kills the run 3 out of 4 times…

Is the player poulation THAT low? Nobody care about the Raid anymore? Just Server problems… or all the above??


This was the same exact situation a couple weeks ago, and I started a thread titled “where wotan failed” about the problem.

GBX claims they fixed matchmaking after that in the 12/19 patch notes (I think it was), but apparently either people have lost interest, which re-sparks the original discussion about the failure of their raid content to capture interest, or their matchmaking fix failed.


I think it’s good content…but it has to be cleaner than what it is right now…lol Scaling to the number of players will get more folks interested.

Right now, you either get a team of total vets…or some new folks that last about 2 minutes in Mayhem 4

Scaling would increase some solo farming and get more players invested.


My bet is they are “stealth testing” the new player scaling for the Raid…and it has screwed up a ton…

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I get a crash everytime I play with my buddy right around the Valkyrie squad… So matchmaking isn’t even an option. Either solo it myself or don’t play with anyone.


Same deal on xbox sadly

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Matchmaking won’t even load. Just spins, PS4

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Haven’t had any more issues than usual.

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I tried matchmaking a few times on PS4 last couple of days. Actually did OK – found & completed some Takedowns on TVHM M4. Once I got the continually spinning icon for more than 5 minutes so I quit out & restarted. I think it’s best to set the game to Public & Cooperative modes (don’t have to worry about checking all drops in-game), start matchmaking at the main, opening menu, load onto the Takedown map & hang around a bit. Still, I worry that as the game ages it will be nearly impossible to find a full team.

There just seem to be too many combinations of options (TVHM, NVHM, Mayhems 1-4, Coop, Competition) to allow for rapid matchmaking on this one particular map. Add in all the Proving Grounds Trials and chances of quickly finding a full team for any of it go really down. Sadly. Just seems like a bad design for multiplayer matchmaking.


I gave up running the raid with a team weeks ago because I never found a group on ps4 on mayhem 4 or any other difficulty.

Since than, I’m working on a solo raid build but I need better items to have a chance on mayhem 4. Hopefully i can complete it solo to start farming wotan.

I think the mayor problem on ps4 is, nobody runs the raid with matchmaking or on higher difficulty.
Maybe it’s too hard on mayhem 4 or most players get a team of friends together and dont need to use the matchmaking system.


Exactly why they need to scale this properly. I rarely agree with Paul Tassi from Forbes anymore…the guy glosses over all the problems with Destiny 2 and Bungie and then blasts GB over similar stuff in BL3) but anyway…he said this Raid should have been scaled to player numbers from the beginning and it has hurt participation. I agree.

I think GB is VERY aware of this and hence why the special event to scale the Raid was planned.

Unfortunately…their “technical difficulties” has postponed that event. It has taken me literally 6 weeks of steady farming and crafting to acquire a build I am succussful with on Moze in Mayhem 4. I have not soloed it yet but close…real close…lol. Most players won’t have the time or the patience.

Bottom line is the game needs this to happen soon…AND MORE RAIDS with top level rewards.

By this time in BL2…we had 3 Raids.

Raids drive the player base…they force creativity and new ideas. They spark competitions. They capture the imagination. They feed the youTubers with great content which further stirs interest in the game.

WE NEED MORE RAIDS! And matchmaking that WORKS…consistantly.


I never have a problem with Mayhem 4 matchmaking on PS4. A few times it take a couple minutes but usually less than a minute at peak playing times. Add me. I’ll run it with you.

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My guess is the delay on the “temp” player scaling for the Takedown is that they’re trying to build a permanent scaling into the next patch instead. I’m betting people just overall arent behaving the way they’d hoped (Takedowns as gaming as a service events), so they’re scrapping the idea and just making them free periodic DLC, which is what they should have been. My hope is the matchmaking issues go away because of two things: (1) they scale to players in party, meaning smaller teams of 2 and 3 can play without worry, and (2) they give the players some kind of option to keep it upscaled to 4 players.

The second thing might be a pipe dream, but the longer we go without the “downscaled monthly event”, the more i’m convinced they’re just trying to build in a way to walk backward the whole idea.

Also, please god increase wotan’s drop rate. I did a mayhem 3 run of him last night and got zero legendaries from Wotan. Not Zero wotan drops, zero LEGENDARIES. No Bane, Woodblocker, Moxxi Endowment, Krakatoa, etc. – just 4 purples and a few skins.


The way to get the most drops is to destroy the legs of Wotan immediately after the kill. However you should kill and destroy all the legs off his mini-me’s first. Let them spawn and take them out and their legs. Then move onto Wotan.

I’ve had next to no issues with the matchmaking over the weekend on PS4 (besides getting into matches where the host already locked us out). Only did about 10 runs but it seemed to run smoother even, less frame rate drops and lag.

After the first half a dozen utterly ridiculous attempts at a group on PC where we had kids and “older Kids” having tantrums and meltdowns if everything didn’t go their way, a massive section of the player base thought, Sod this, just play SOLO

when we were all deliberately excluded from the new content, we struggled through solo, but for most, the sheer number of mobs on M4 was just to much especially as you cannot die once

We where promised scalable content from the 31st, yet again we where all let down one of the many failed promises over the last months

Most of us are now utterly burned out of farming the same stuff literally hundreds and hundreds of times, and still unable to get certain items unless we are willing to be forced to play in group which we do not want to do after trying it early on ( rakpak mod for example ),

End result people are stopping playing almost entirely, not just Wotan, just stopping point-blank

Personally i’ve never seen Gearbox show any technical genius when it comes to multiplayer sessions. Even Battleborn was very clunky and lack lustre and that was an online MP game! So it certainly looks like they haven’t progressed in this field.

I tried the RAID originally on PC when it dropped but even when i got a team it never really clicked well. I lost interest very fast. So many people play this game solo it makes sense for them to allow the scaling to fit the majority, and not force people into something they don’t like too much.

Back when they showed the game off, i thought the Trials would be a big thing…hmmm. All the permutations now in game are gonna cause issues down the road. Not sure they’ve thought this through. Will be a nightmare to keep balancing stuff.

If Gearbox want to move forward as a developer, they have to address the multiplayer side. Imagine if Destiny had match making like that, it would be a dead game.

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Darth…I agree with everything you have said except…

D2 matchmaking is a nightmare…Slow to get matches and groups and when you do, you are matched with/against folks either so far out of your league…or stacked teams…or sacrificial lambs that are being pushed into PvP or trying the harder content for the first time. It’s plan AWFUL!

I struggled with the ups and downs of that game for 18 months…finally threw in the towel.

Some friends say the game has finally worked out many of the kinks but matchmaking is STILL bad. LOL

It is probably one of the hardest things to consistently “get right” but this aspect needs some definite improvement in BL3.

They definitely need to have the option to disable guardian rank so that we can have Time Trials like BL2 had…generates HUGE interest and creativity.