What is up with El Dragon's melee range?

This dude is dealing damage to me well outside what his melee range should be able to. Does he have a skill or mutation that enables him to extend his range? I shouldn’t be taking damage from a melee character who’s at the mid turret (incursion, overgrowth) while I’m shooting them from the lane chokepoint.

What level was he?

This was from about level 2 onwards I think

I’ve got nothing then. If it was 10 he does have a ranged attack, but that’s it to my knowledge. And no legendary that I know of can extend a melee character’s range. What move specifically did the kill cam say killed you when you toggle it?

There was only one time I remember getting killed by him when he was noticeably outside of melee range, but I didn’t think to toggle the stats :sweat: most of the time I was just taking damage. I was even getting him while I was standing on the stairs behind the sniper perch and he was on the just on the ground in front of the perch. His attacks were not just hitting at range, but were also going through terrain.

His clap extends to probably triple the length of melee range. He also could’ve Dragon Splash’d and you stood in it, or had built a turret, etc and you were killed by it. Otherwise, I’m really not sure.

This could be it. It’s very frustrating to counter :weary: