What is up with scoring?

Why do kills have so much more weight on score than minion kills, building turrets and support structures, and general support? Incursion and Meltdown are all about pushing minions, yet player kills has so much more weight.

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Yeah, they should do that.

I mean, my high stat in games usually comes from collecting shards… and mind you, on pvp I rarely get to active all my gear, even if I running with a cheap as peanuts green gear.

I push lanes, kill minions, place turrents, healing stations, acelerators, I level them and protect them if I can. And if I go with a healer/support, I’m always trying to support or a tanky in the front or a squishy harassed for the other team.

My results are good, because besides that I also usually get a kill (with Orendi I’m a beast sniping with the ultimate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but yerterday my boyfriend and I were in a Meltdown match, myself with Oscar Mike because I’m leveling him now and he wanted to play something different and tried Ambra. He was on both lines placing suns, helping, being bother a lot for the enemy Galilea and he did fantastic… also his score was only slightly better than the worst score in the party, just because he didn’t get more than two kills.

They should rework that (maybe I’m wrong but devs already said they were about to look into that, am I wrong?) and gives people praise for actually contributing to the win of the game.

I do the same thing, I play OM and it’s not unusual to be hitting above 100 with minion kills, 20+ buildables destroyed (if the full match) and a few assists and maybe one or two kills. I get the lowest or second lowest score, but I know that I played a major part in getting our team the win.

Then you have Rath (or some other assassin/melee char) galavanting around playing team deathmatch with 20 kills and half as many deaths (feeding XP), yet still rocks the highest score.

Sure, we know who was most important but why put so much weight on a game stat when it has a questionable impact on the overall game, outside of clutch situations? But to most players stats and high scores is a matter of pride and we are not selfless enough to expect our team to know who the real winner is >_>

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I think they mentioned that they will be looking into changing how scoring works. This was a while ago, so don’t quote me on that.

I feel your pain though, probably one of the most frustrating parts of my PVP experience.

If player kills don’t count for much, it really isn’t much PvP is it?

Pvp only means player vs player… There are tons of pvp modes that a game can do that even doesn’t involve killing.

For example Warframe has a new pvp mode called Lunaro, that is similar to Rocket League but with space ninjas and I bet you won’t be killing anyone there :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is, in a game where killing really doesn’t help to win the match, the value of kills in the scoring is too high if we compare it to actually contributing killing minions or placing turrets.

It’s not just more weight, it’s all the weight. Score is 2x kills + assists. It’s awful. They know it. They’ve been working on it for weeks. I really wish they’d remove the column until there’s something better to put in its place, as it misleads people as to what the game is about.

Had the lowest score in incursion yesterday with 78 minion kills and a lot of damage on the sentry but on 3 kills and 4 assists. My team mates had between 10-20 minion kills. But still the lowest in the game :frowning:

They did indeed say they are looking at changing the scoring system.

I cant get renegade gold in normal with my top friends and battleborn people. No respawns, health, no sentry’s up, and all bonus xp when bosses are killed are picked up.
I’ve only heard that full team of kleese is one way to obtain it.

This is why I dont look at just the scores after the game I look at all the stats from the game