What is ur Axton The Commando?

What is ur build for Axton guys/Girls, Are you going for one single build or multi build ? Do u put three points in a skill and progress or just give 5 points u like much ! Just mention it here ! :acmlol:

I carry two Commandos: one Torgue allegiance, one Dahl. I have a personal mandate not to use the same set of capstone skills for any two characters, so the Torgue build fills out the Gunpowder tree, where the Dahl build fills out the Survival tree (and they both enjoy the Guerilla tree).

That said, Dahl weaponry is rough in Fight for your Life, and without a burly one-shot weapon (like a shotgun or rocket launcher), I let my Dahl commando build far enough down the Gunpowder tree to get Do Or Die (so he could toss his burly Dahl grenades for a Second Wind), but that took away the Gemini capstone.

As I think about it, I am considering leaning on Grit to help with this (that second turret is really fun to play with). I’m just loathe to rely on a chance-based skill. 1/5th chance to not die for five points seems awful to me.


Bee shield most of the time, which works great with the incredible shield support from skills. Swapping to the Antagonist instantly transforms this into a very tanky build.

Legendary Soldier, swapping to Legendary Engineer occasionally to get a little grenade boost via Battlefront.

Huge grenade inventory, primarily used to give me early advantage. My style is gun heavy.

None of the Ancients, all flavors.

Typical gun set:
Slag Pimpernel
Shock Pimpernel
Shock Sand Hawk or Plasma Caster
Hard Unkempt Harold

Most used guns are Pimpernels.

I like to play a very heady style, looking at an area and leading with turrets and a grenade to manage space. After that, Pimpernel surgery! If anything gets close, I swap to the Harold. I don’t actually use the SMGs heavily with Axton, but I love them, so I keep one equipped. My favorite is Maliwan PC without zoom (I like the Dahl sight), but I also love the same on a Sand Hawk, and the visual of the pellets flying is awesome.


I have a Commando at OP3 and an Assault Rifle Allegiance build that is only around lvl20. I’ll post the OP3 build when I get home from work.

I have a fairly universal build. Usually, I use a Legendary Soldier, but my skill set allows me to have a Grenadier,a Rifleman and a Veteran build with just a COM change.

My main build is a pretty standard 26-15-26 Double-Up/Gemini: http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#54055150015104014000005050055051

It’s pretty solid and balanced for me. Good for survival and good for damage, even if not terribly overpowered. It’s very comfortable to play with and I never had any issues while using it. I can use almost every gun in the game effectively with this build and it’s pretty tanky. It’s meant for use with a Legendary Soldier. My shield of choice is generally a Purple Grounded Tediore Shield (with Axton’s shield skills, it’s never depleted - seriously, it goes from depleted to full in a matter of miliseconds), alternating with The Antagonist or The Bee depending on the situation I find myself in. My weapon loadout is usually a DPUH in the first slot, followed by a Bitch on the second, a Skullmasher in the third and a Conference Call in the fourth. I switch the Harold for a Lady Fist or a Hornet, the Bitch for a KerBlaster and the Skullmasher for a fire Lyuda, a corrosive Pimpernel or a Badaboom sometimes. My grenade of choice is the Quasar, but I keep a few Fastballs in my backpack as well. My relic is usually the Sheriff’s Badge, alternating with the appropriate Bone of the Ancients depending on the situation. I only use the Sand Hawk against Pyro Pete. I can face pretty much everything the game throws at me with that build and loadout, with the sole exception of a few of the raid bosses.

The only problem I have with that build and loadout is that it gets boring after a while. I’ve been experimenting with a Torgue only allegiance build, based mostly on grenade and explosive damage, and also a pure Tediore allegiance/Fastball build to find alternate, fun ways to play. I just didn’t have enough time to get a couple pieces of equipment I need to playtest them properly and call them finished yet, but it’s looking good. I also wanna try a Jakobs allegiance build inspired by Troubled’s Leatherneck build and centered around the Rough Rider and the Legendary Pointman someday. The catch is I don’t wanna use the turret for anything other than distraction and I wanna try not speccing into Grit. That’s probably not gonna work and I’ll probably just have to use Troubled’s turret-less build as it is. There isn’t much room for messing around with that one.

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here’s what I’m trying out right now:

Running this with Bandit guns, Bandit Allegiance relic (really good BTW) and a Legendary Ranger COM, but I also want to see how a purple Ranger COM (cuz Grit) would fare as as well.

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I feel like Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil ranger would be a good fit for this.

I can see sawbar, slagga, teeth of Terra, and baddaboom as your slots. Going full bandit sounds fun. Maybe keep a fire Bone relic for backup when cool down is important.

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Why, this build right here.

I like single-element builds, so Torguemando is a natural fit for me. Sure I could just play Crunch Krieg, but Axton’s playstyle is a lot more attractive to me. And also Crunch Krieg generally incorporates heavy use of damage types other than explosive and slag so the single-element theme doesn’t work as well with him.


With the Legendary Soldier class mod, this becomes the best possible build for Axton, as far as I’m concerned. The other gear typically includes the Antagonist, the Quasar grenade mod, and a Bone of the Ancients relic. The weapons, on the other hand, can vary greatly, but of course I aim to have at least two that deal grenade damage.

For instance, my ordinary setup consists of : Slag Pimpernel, DPUH, Blockhead, Norfleet. The last three weapons benefit from “Steady”, which is probably Axton’s best skill. The Slag Pimpernel’s function should be obvious.

Also, with this build, Able and Preparation enable Axton to forgo using a Moxxi weapon for health recovery.

“Best possible” is a lofty statement. I suppose an argument could be made based on flexibility between Peak runs and chucking at raid bosses. The thing is, Axton is good enough with multiple builds to take on the Peak and raids at OP8, and an argument could be made that your build isn’t the best version of an explosive Axton. I’m not saying that it is or isn’t, simply that there are as many arguments against as there are for it.


My use of the phrase “as far as I am concerned” made it clear that I was expressing an opinion, rather than making a statement of fact. That aside, I couldn’t care less about raids or raiding.

Also, my build is not an “Explosive Axton” build.

Fair enough, sir. Have a great day!

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I kind of run the cookie cutter Survivability Axton. No OP level play for me, I just like messing around at 72.

Here’s my skill load-out. Oddly enough I couldn’t give you a good reason for the single point in Forbearance, but it’s just what I’ve always run. Gunpowder could definitely get me a little more power, but I’m somewhat enamored with the big bonuses in Guerrilla and Survival.

Gear Loadout:
Loaded Hornet - Dahl Grip and Sight (Backup: DPUH, Torgue Grip, Tediore Sight)
Impetuous Florentine - Maliwan Grip, Dahl Stock, Hyperion Sight
New and Improved Blockhead - Hyperion Stock, Jakobs Grip, No Sight
Slippery Ogre - Dahl Stock, Torgue Grip, Torgue Sight
Legendary Soldier Mod
Bone of the Ancients - Shock Damage
Chain Lightning (Backups: Quasar, Storm Front)
Tediore Quick Charge Sheild (Backups: Antagonist, Bee)

It’s not great, but it’s fun. I can clear a good amount of solo content with it and it’s a decent support build when you play Co-Op.

27 points into guerrilla.
17 into gunpowder.
23 into survival.
Intense unkempt Harold, slagga, pyrophobia, a shock prazma Canon, a corrosive prazma Canon, an avenger, a shock lyuda,and a lady fist.
A leg. soldier com,a leg ranger com for cooldown, all elements of the longbow transfusion grenades, a cracked sash, an adaptive shield, I switch between a few of the ancient relics.

I feel like I saw you and JovaBrow get into a five second bar brawl full of glass shards and angry bartenders, then hug it out immediately after and pass out on a couch. It was a beautiful scenario.

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Its to early to make me laugh that hard.

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Reading it again, I can certainly understand that take away :grin:

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I’m working my way towards this build:

With that, I will be able to run my choice of Leg. Engineer, Leg. Ranger, or Leg. Soldier and get all of their skill buffs (thanks to how I spent my last 3 points 1 each into Expertise, Ranger, and Resourceful). So I have an incredible amount of flexibility where gear is concerned with this build. I am relying on Quick Charge to keep my shield up without Willing to shorten the delay and speed up the recharge, but I also have Able to help keep my health intact and the capacity increases from Healthy and Preparation synergize well with the % regen effects.