What is viable Moze go-to gear?

After so much ups and downs with M10 patches, so what gears are exactly viable in M10 for Moze? I wanted to test some myself but I just didn’t have time to farm every single gear at Mayhem 10. Backburner and Sandhawk is of course more than legit, not to mention the godtier-to-all Monarch and whatnot. My formal go-to was Redistributor, but I heard it’s pretty much useless to Moze now. Boom Sickle seemed to do its job, so maybe Tiggs boom or Moonfire is okay? What are the former gears you used on Moze and performed okay?

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still the kaoson imo

Pretty much her meta isrocket launcher spam builds

I’m not talking about meta gears, I’m asking about non-meta builds that still do its job. There are many explosive gears that were great before M2.0 like Juliet, Moonfire, TiggsBoom or Kyb etc, and I was wondering what are still doing its job and therefore worth farming for.

Beyond rocket launchers. Monarch still good. Soulrender is nice but obv not as good as monarch but causes stronger explosions form short fuse. Emp5 may be good in takedown especially with a airborne annointment since it gets 80%accuracy and crit bonus while airborne I have one with a crit bonus but I’d prefer the damage boost. Skull smasher is still nice

If dedicated drops or something about farms were changed I would get some boomsickles and report
But it’s still a pain to farm them
Also they kill you at the current state of weapon scaling