What is with the max level?

Is there a reason behind max level being 69, or does Gearbox need to get their mind out of the gutters? I mean, I think they just need to get their mind out of the gutters, as we can see in Borderlands 2 there is a bikini skin for the Bandit Technical. Does anybody know any other reason?

Part of it is design decision - how many of the skills in the skill tree can be activated at max level before the character becomes too OP? BL2 took the number to 72, but had a different skill tree layout. TPS rejigged the structure a bit, introduced the action skill 2 levels earlier, and capped out at 70.

And yes, there’s a lot of innuendo in the Borderlands games - much more obviously in BL2.

That makes sense. The skill trees in Borderlands are smaller than the ones in Borderlands 2. And if you’re wondering, the skin is True Turquoise.


Oh, I know about that skin. I think everyone does!

Not everyone. Everyone who has played Borderlands 2 knows about it, but not all of the 7 billion of us. Also, I took your post to literal.

And I forgot to mention the porn secret at the beginning of the game. If you haven’t seen, then you’re not a virgin. Good job.

EDIT: I like how this post isn’t about BL1 level cap anymore, now just innuendos in BL2.