What is wrong with matchmaking?

Why do i get matched with people who know nothing about the game at all against teams of good understanding about every mechanic?
I lost now 12 matches in a row because of my teammates feeding the entire time, picking wrong equipment for their battleborn, ignoring minions, getting not a single kill, ignoring shards and buildables, refusing to heal or using their supportive skills like reynas shield, etc…
all of the 4 got 0 kills, 5-10+ death, 1-2 minion kills still level 1 while i have stats like 5-0-0 or more, 60 minion kills and severall levels ahead (on par with enemy team).

So please explain me what´s wrong with the matchmaking?
Am i supposed to lose severall times so i´m “allowed” to win with a good team?

During the CTT we had a similar problem, but it only was because the system tried to force a w/l ratio of 1,0.
Hope this system isn´t in place anymore.

This does seem rather frustrating, but I believe much of that is the influx of unseasoned players at the launch of these sorts games.

The more we play the better matchmaking will become. But I think you may be in a conundrum. If I understand correctly matchmaking is based on a hidden score. If you lose to people, it lowers your score and then it may he’s you to people around the same level. But I am curious if you losing because your team is new causes your score to be lower and thus put you with more new players. @joekgbx am I understanding this correctly and is my guess about his scoring causing him to keep being with new people a thing?

I don’t know how matchmaking work but yesterday I have 6 games in a row with people commander rank 2 to 7 lol vs a team of command40+ often in group already.


Every single match is like this (and this one is actually one of the best… highest levels in my team so far), the others were even worse.

So i keep losing over and over again because of my teammates who even refuse to listen and call me ■■■■■■, noob, etc… and if we have some kind of ELO my rating keeps dropping into nirvana, no matter how good or bad i might be.
(Last week was better, though… had severall nice matches with levels on par in both teams with a winningstreak of 10)

I love this game but god damn the matchmaking system is garbage! I am level 49 and next thing you know I paired with a whole team that are single digits against a team in their 30-40’s . This is honestly really messed up and needs to be addressed already.

I would recommend playing in a party for the time being. I know this shouldn’t be necessary, but it really works well. And it is not that every game is a roflstomp in a party either. You’ll find plenty of challange, I guarantee, If you’re on playstation add me: supadedupe. I have a bunch of friends from Brittain and America and I’m sure we can help you out. If you don’t want to use a headset that’s fine.

the post above goes for you too :slight_smile: and for anyone that wants to play in a party for that matter.

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