What is you best match with Phoebe?

Mine is 27 and 9 on meltdown playing with just one friend and three randoms. I am working on the most over powered build with her right now but I have some boss grinding to do before I make the video. Just wondering if anyone would like me to make a video of it for them when I get the required items.I have a feeling a lot of people will be rage quitting on me lol. Anyways is my best match to date with her, this is an old build and a very good one for beginners Check out my channel for more battleborn videos I usually try to make videos if the demand is high enough so let me know what you all want to see.

Think I had a 31 kills and 1or 2 deaths. It was a pub stomp though so I don’t count that even though I usually get more than 10-20 kills a game the usual w/ good players

Nice are you on console?

I play on PC :slight_smile:

too bad my best score on phoebe ended on the losing side…

Went 34 and 8 last night.

Pretty standard to do 20+ less then 5 deaths.

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Well look at you guys! Lol mind if I ask which platform? But congrats I don’t know if it’s standard for 20+ kills but on console I only get those kinds of games against newer players. I usually get ganged up on as Phoebe because I will be like 5-0 and than the team decides to start jumping me lol

I’m on xbone my last 14 games with phoebe never being in a 5 man I am 223 kills 69 deaths 112 assists with only 1 loss and 1 negative game.

Please let me be in those matches with you lmao I always get put against 5 man pre made teams it’s ridiculous. I’ll have miko’s and alani’s that don’t heal, tanks running out into the middle of the ads, lane clearers like oscar mike and thorn not clearing ads. I made a post of me doing youtube and I like one guys idea on here, and that’s to make what not to do videos for people in certain roles! Seems plausible because I never get put on a good pug.

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what items are you using?

Ostentatious saber - 420 shards
9.80% att speed

Eviscerating endoskeletal graft - 1050 shards
9.80% att damage
5.60% att speed

Blade Dancer’s shoes (Phoebe’s legendary) - 1800 shards

Blade dancer’s shoes is not a great item, using it till i get Boots of the Brute…

Not on my PC to put up my Phoebe stats but I would think it would be hard on any character if you had other people not doing their rolls. I’m starting to kinda hate rolling w/ Phoebe during pub matches because it usually always ends up with the other team surrendering. However, I don’t mind playing Phoebe during pre mades… I usually roll w/ pacifer, attack speed and movement speed gear. Also helix to passotto sotto ( sorry if I spelled that strong). Lower the attack damage w/ pacifer and gain 30% damage resistance with helix skill. I basically 1v3 squishy characters easily… Just gotta pay attention to map and leave once you see the heavier tank people come in unless you have teammates by you.


This is my build if there is someone I want silenced if not I run left on 1.

I run vow of vengeance over her lore item trying to get the brute boots.

Still no luck with VoV and BoTB… once i get those i’ll discard her legendary and epic gear i use…

Really wish farming for them wasn’t like pulling teeth.

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It isn’t check out my channel I have an easy way to grind saboteur on advanced hardcore mode. I put a video of it on there. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv-tWmpVGS2ACO7EC0vdjJg

You just need a crap ton of kleeses on one team!

23/5 K/D.

She ganks the crap out of PUGs.

pugs are awesome to play against with her lol