What is your favorite Assault Rifle?

What is your favorite assault rifle? Been trying to get a good Star Helix, as it has the best feel for me thus far. What are other people favoring?


I like the Bekah and the Amber Management.

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Ogre, bearcat, gatling gun, anger management, faisor. Honestly those are always in my inventory but I don’t really have a preference on them. I use the gatling gun most because it is good on my Fl4k when not using a sniper or pistol, and it has a decent (to me)Fl4k anointment.

However as I use all 4 characters, it depends on the character, the build, and the battle situation.

Any purple cost-effective weapon, with tracker darts. Shoot one shot and Auto-crit!


There are still a handful I don’t have that I hear are good (Pain is Power, Zheitsev’s Eruption, Earworm, Crader’s EM-P5, Good Juju). I’m playing a loose allegiance, so per character:

  • Torgue (Moze): Alchemist - she’s running a Bloodletter/Deathless build, and her relic is a Projector.
  • Vladof (Moze): Shredifier - it’s got the double barrel alt fire, and she’s built around bottomless mags; it’s insanely fun to throw so many bullets downrange for so long.
  • Atlas (Zane): Rebel Yell - when that fire rate is hopped up on Zane’s kill skills, I love it (see Shredifier above).
  • Dahl (Zane): Kaos - most Dahl ARs are quite good; I just like the elemental body boom on this one.
  • CoV (FL4K): Embrace the Pain - also using a Projector relic with this. I’m still working on getting a handle on the Sawbar sweet spot, and when I do, it’ll probably take first.
  • Jakobs (FL4K): Rowan’s Call - I like that it’s automatic and comes with an element. That it also refills ammo on crit is icing on the cake.

Atlas Q system


I have a large collection of laser sploders, they’re my favorite weapon ever.

But damn if it isn’t hard to get an annointed one, I “only” have 3, but just 1 of them is a good annointment (damage on crits) the other two are phasegrasp and terror heal.

I used them the entire dlc on tvhm M4 and they just melted everything. Not as great on bosses, but perfect for mobbing and still good on bosses anyway.

I have a couple Star helixes I could dupe for you if you’re on psn, I think one is shock and one is cryo, don’t remember the annointments but they’re not sliding or useless.


edit: not the most powerful gun in the world, but mine has +250% after Phasecast and my Phasezerker has +45% (or so) Dahl crit dmg. Brrt brrt brrt <3


I’m with you on the Helix, I’ve found it to be a great weapon.
I haven’t tested out very many, but there does seem to be several good options,
Laser Sploder, Kaos, Faisor, Barrage, Shredifier.

Atlas carrier or Atlas Q system. Both staples in every build I’ve had in BL3.

The Dictator in cryo on Zane. Also really like the Carrier but otherwise I think assault rifles could use a buff since pistols smgs and shottys perform better.

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Dictator is by far my favorite AR. I always had a soft spot for Shreddifier/Faisor/Kaos as well, all just feel great to shoot.

My Top 5 ARs

  1. Rowan’s Call
  2. Alchemist
  3. Lucien’s Call
  4. Laser Sploder
  5. Dictator

Honorable Mention: Barrage

favorite always bekah

most used one dictator cuz it is dumb af

It changes a bit depending on which VH I use. But overall the following have been really good, in no particular order:

Roland’s Call
Cost Effective Q System
Optimized Carrier
Breath of the Dying (My current favourite wrecking everything in DLC)
Shocking Trained Kaos
Nuclear Faisor
Pa’s Rifle

I’m quite liking ARs in this game

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Bekah and Alchemist hands down for me.

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Faisor is my goto AR. The underbarrel is just crazy on a blast master moze.

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Decaying barrage on minesweeper moze. Burst fire all hits crits, mini nades all day.

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Depends on the circumstances, some are better for large mobs while others are better for one on one and small groups.

For most of the time I like using a Barrage. I like the high fire rate combined with the pinpoint accuracy. It’s easy to put two fast bursts into critical hits and take down most normal enemies in less than a second. Badasses usually take 4 to 5 bursts, but still just over a second and they’re down.

For large mods I tend to go for an Alchemist or Lucian’s Call. If there’s a lot of anointed I’ll always go for my cryo Lucian’s. It’s the one thing that can stop a mob of 5 anointed in their tracks.


Been mostly using my fire laser sploder for annoiteds. I did recently get a cryo i havent field tested yet. Will have to try it. For melee enemys it my terminator shotgun hands down. I have yet to find another legendary or other that can burn single targets so well.