What is your Favorite gear to use in Borderlands 2 and TPS

Please list it in the following way Be creative and submit a build

(Grenade Mod)
(Class Mod)
(Relic)/No relic
(Oz Kit )/No ozkit
(Shields )

I’ll go with what some of my favorite things to find while leveling up are because otherwise I’ll just be listing some end game top gear.

Droogs, Diaubs and Rakehells for snipers.
Coachguns, Bushwacks and Thinking shotguns.
Tediore pistols and SMGs.
That one Hyperion pistol I can never remember the name of :smiley:
Maliwan barreled, Maliwan grip slag Snider is an obvious keep for me should I run into one on levels where my Pimpernels are obsolete due to level difference.

Transfusions are always nice. I like singularities a lot too and I never spit on a low fuse tesla. Lobbed or longbow. I hate homing even more than rubberized but would rather not touch either unless I really need a grenade upgrade.

Class mods:
Killer COMs for Zero. Infiltrator is also very nice once Followthrough has been specced. A good Killer usually stays in my COM slot from NVHM to the end of UVHM. I don’t really have any favorites for Aurelia in TPS besides Celestial Baroness.

Proficiency relic, no questions. Don’t care for any other relics on Zero.
I honestly dislike OZ kits quite a lot and don’t really have any non- red text favorites. A duality kit boosting whatever your using is always nice but very rare.

Low delay turtles are my favorite leveling shields. After that I guess my favorite is actually spikes since a lot of the most annoing things in the game are susceptible to them (stalkers, rakks, that adult bullymong that I just can’t seem to be able to hit in the head before it reaches me).

Character is probably something that should be listed first but that was mainly written with Zero in mind with a couple of TPS entries from Aurelias side.


Chain lightning and the Catalyst COM are by far the most fun I had in the game, as Gaige is my one love in Borderlands.

If the thing is favorite non top end game gear, I always love to find the Synergy Pistol and Dahl SMG/Assault Rifle. I dont feel the accuracy loss this much with them.
Dahl Pistols with the Hyperion barrel are also pretty crazy.
And Tesla Grenades, of course.

Only talking about BL2 here.

Unkempt Harold
Helllfire/Good Touch (they’re similar)
Lady Fist
Hornet (come on, I must have 5)
Casual Swordsplosion (I must have 6 actually)

Normal/TVHM: Contraband Sky Rocket/Chain Lightning
UVHM: 4x Magic Missile

Class Mod: Legendary

Relic: Whatever reduces action skill cooldown most

Shields: The Bee when you need a ton of damage, otherwise the Sham/absorb shields in general (unless for specialised builds that are better with Flame of the Firehawk)

Character: Maya first, Krieg second

While leveling mostly, but I’ll use these badboys happily anytime.

Dahl Scout snipers/Maliwan Sniders and Rakehells/Jakobs Muckamucks and Diaubs/Vladof Droogs
Tediore pistols and smgs, especially Gunerangs and Plasma Casters
Torgue ARs and shotguns (shout out to my new girls, the Seeker and the Boom Puppy, and I don’t think I need to say Flakker and SWORDSPLOSION!!! I mean, duh.)
Bandit SMGs (Maliwan barrels especially) and launchers

Rolling Thunder, Contraband Skyrocket, Fastballs, transfusions

Bones, cooldown, and stockpile

Oz kits:
Generally red text. Eddie, Invigiration, Ack Ack, System Purge

Black Hole, Deadly Bloom, adaptives, occasionally absorb, Rough Rider, purple Tediore shields

All of them. I don’t main any specific characters or builds, so it’s generally what works best at the time or fits whatever theme I’ve laid out for myself.

Conference Call/Intefacer/Butcher ( All of them :stuck_out_tongue: )
Baby Maker
( glitch guns should have a separate spot :smile: )

Transfusion ( Cryo in TPS are so cool )
Quasar/Slag Singularity

Turtle shields
Love Thumperr

Class Mods
Expert Grenadier ( the purple one )
Unequaled Professional ( +6 ambush yyyyep )
Necromancer ( chaotic good above all, +6 on Wires don’t Talk is too good for me. Also the glitch with Made of sterner stuff gives you 50% fire dmg resistance. )
Legendary Soldier ( aaaall the swap speed )

Relics :
Bones of the ancients ( obviously )
Jakobs Alligiance ( with maya mainly )
Explosive relic
Skin of the ancients with both the shield boosts +some useful resistance

Oz Kits: ( i mostly go Cryo when possible )
Precision Strike
EDD1E ( Air controll is awesome )

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