What is your favorite Trailer

So with Borderlands 3 just a little bit over 1 month away what is your favorite BL3 Trailer so far?

I will also include the songs.

  • Mask of Mayhem Teaser (Fool’s Rhythm by Two Fingers)
  • Reveal Trailer (Can’t hold me down by GRiZ )
  • Announcement Trailer ( Express Yourself by Diplo feat. Nicky Da B)
  • Gameplay Trailer (I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix) by DJ Shadow )
  • E3/We are Mayhem Trailer (Let Me Live / Let Me Die by Des Rocs)
  • So Happy Together Trailer (Happy Together by The Turtles)

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So while the E3 Trailer is super awesome and the Happy Together Trailer is just lovely I just have to go with the Mask of Mayhem Teaser. When I first watched it, it was just uploaded 4min ago and I though this was some fan creation. I didn’t know what to make of it till it showed Zane and Fl4k. This was where my mind went crazy immediately reconizing that this were the leaked Vaulthunters! That moment I knew after 7 long years this was finally the real thing. Then I watched it again and again and again… Trying to make out details through my tears of joy and relieve :joy:

Also it was totally crazy how it took the community not more than 10 minutes, to not only find but also decode the hidden morse, shift and braille code.

That said I’m still waiting for a Trailer in the same vein as the Doomsday Trailer from BL2, which is one of my three favorite game Trailers of all time.

I will update this poll when more Trailers come out.

this one :blush:

though I play Moze, can´t wait to see her trailer


Mask of Mayhem for Style
We are Mayhem for Hype.
Happy Together for… Dancing?

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