What is your favorite two man team for getting Medals?

Title says it all. Which two characters do you feel makes the strongest two man duo for farming score and WHY? What are the synergies you like in a team of two.

And then same question for a team of three?

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I’m level 61 and so far my best team was me being Deande and my teammate was Ghalt.
Excellent combo.

Ash and Pikachu of course, they get all the badges…oh wait :laughing:


It feels like my brother and I have been doing well with me playing Miko and him playing Galilea. We got silver on Heliophage last Sunday.

Full gold on normal’s with my girlfriend as Orendi and me as either thorn or OM. Im not sure class really makes TOO much of a difference just make sure your both picking up the yellow boss balls for top scores.

With a friend of mine we use Montana Kleese in advanced hc,each with our own build,to great avail.

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ISIC and Reyna make an awesome combo. Particularly once she gets her Legendary.

IMO Kleese & Issac.