What is your favourite build

It doesn’t have to be the most dps, but just what build is the most fun for you, me personally is hellborn krieg


The formatting is slightly screwed up becuase idk how to fix it and i eventually moved a couple points around, but


I’d have to say Mania Krieg. I don’t play BL2 often anymore, but whenever I get on and I cycle through my characters, Mania Krieg is the one I use to “cut loose”. It’s a build that gets very repetitive from the lack of diversity, but God is it fun up until that point.

  • I’m not a big fan of Gaige or Axton.
  • I tend to play Maya the most, but that’s just because she can make any weapon good. Along with her ability to make survivability and utility a second thought.
  • I really enjoy L. Killer Zer0, but I usually prefer a more “mindless” build most of the time.
  • Same thing with Deputy Sal. Loads of fun, but not something I can kick back and really relax with.
  • Hellborn Krieg rivals Mania for me, but only under the condition that I’m in Pete’s bar. If I have to play anywhere in the game, Mania wins.

I have other builds, but these are the noteworthy.


I love Kittens.

I run Kittens with Maya, Axton, Gaige, Krieg.

Here is a build for Kitten Sal

and Here is Kitten Zero

  • Salvador : it seems I can only play one way, try as I might do anything else :
  • Maya : even though I’m usually going off about how great SS is, my favourite is still my crappy melee build which uses a Punchee and a purple Banshee COM.
  • Zer0 : Ninja. Is there any other? ( jk - I have a bunch of Zer0s).
  • Krieg : Hellborn for sure - no Bloodsplosion / no RtB, just lots and lots of splash damage and stacks.
  • Axton and Gaige don’t have special builds, but Axton tends to use the L Ranger and Gaige the L Catalyst - you kinda get the idea from that.

I love this game and every permutation it allows me, so favorite would be a tough label for me to apply. I have one of each toon, and I’m working on my second iterations of all of them. My Krieg runs Bloodlust/Mania, my Sal runs a deputy build, Zer0 majors in shotguns and pistols with minors in sniping and melee, Gaige runs BFF/OC, Maya Thoughtlock/Ruin, and Axton runs a pretty standard cookie cutter 26/15/26. I have fun with all of them in equal amounts, and am more excited about trying all of the other possibilities than running any particular setup. Maybe once I run out of ideas to try a favorite may rise above the rest, but until then I just love scattering enemy pixels across Pandora like confetti.


Gaige: BFF/OC (a little different as I’ve taken the Roboteer’s approach to my own BFF/OC build)
Salvador: Hoard EVERYTHING! (next session will see me starting a Brawn-based Sal though)
Krieg: Psycho of all Trades – in which he switches to melee when the time is right but otherwise bathes in meat chunks via EXPLOSIONS
Zer0: Sniping from a distance.
Axton and Maya: Uhhhh…

Herein lies the beauty of Borderlands 2. You have favorite builds of yours but interest piques in always trying to play the game – and by proxy its six Vault Hunters – differently. That and I have no interest in Grog Harolding Salvador but I’ll Grog Vladof with him in an instant and I may end up doing that considering the constant FFYL incidents I’ve had. I may bite the bullet (no pun intended) and get one in my next session. No I do not care that it won’t be L50.


Of all characters? My favorite would be one that has the most active skills, as in, ones that I need to try to dance around and/or stack. Therefore, my favorite would be:

I do not use this build, nor would I recommend it, but I would call it my favorite because it hits on so many different skills that I need to manually work around to bring on deck (I’m leaving out passive damage/crit-buffs and slag because they aren’t specific to Zer0). It’s pretty close to my Jakobs build though, to be honest.

  • 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill (reload after every shot to make sure this is on deck)
  • B0re (line target up behind another target)
  • Kill C0nfirmed (get down the sights long enough to get some stacks up)
  • Critical Ascensi0n (keep the crits up to keep the stack up)
  • C0unter Strike (wait for signal, then start the clock)
  • Rising Sh0t (time firing/reloading cadence to maintain stacks)
  • Kunai/Death Mark (hit 'em, then start the clock)
  • Decepti0n/Execute/Ambush/Innervate/Unf0rseen (be invisible, count the clock down, make sure enemy is on hologram)
  • Killing Bl0w (wait until enemy’s health is low enough for a kill)
  • Be Like Water (melee/shoot, then start the clock)
  • Backstab (make sure you’re behind them when you Execute)
  • Grim/Followthrough/Killer (get a kill, start the timer)
  • Like The Wind (be moving (jump if Executing))

Note: an Elephant Gun is almost required for this, as it’s one of the few (only?) weapons that has a slow enough fire rate that (with Killer and a reload buff from a COM), you can maintain a full stack of Rising Sh0t with 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill on deck the whole time. Critical Ascensi0n stacks should start piling up too. For a finishing blow, tap an enemy with melee to apply Death Mark and start a Be Like Water timer, and go straight into Decepti0n. Aim down the sights to start Kill C0nfirmed stacks, line an enemy up in front of your target for B0re, make sure you’re moving slightly for Like The Wind, and wait as long as you can in Decepti0n before the other timers close that race condition, and dump all that damage into one shot.

For melee, weaken 'em with gun fire with the above set of stacks (while keeping Be Like Water primed for melee), wait for C0unter Strike to fire, and immediately go into Decepti0n.

Low health? Check.
C0unter Strike, Be Like Water, and Decepti0n timers counting down (and a kill skill if you’re on point)? Check.
Death Mark applied? Check.
Behind the enemy? Check.
In the air as I’m Executing? Check.

Starting/maintaining all these timers as close together as possible so I can dump them into a single shot/strike is one of my favorite things in the game, and this build packs the most. I suppose I could add Fearless with the condition that my shield be empty (which would bring another timer). :thinking:


Mine is close to what @Adabiviak is describing, for the same reasons.

I can’t post links on my phone, but it’s my Spy Zero build.

My LBT EB-based Gaige build is a close second for the same reasons.
Lots of gun swapping, IO stacking, reloading to reset S&A, grenade management and a bit of crowd control with slagga and DT


Full-time Melee Psycho here with Mania providing the damage while Hellborn does the healing. I like the feeling of face-ramming every shotgun barrel and tank almost everything that mobs throw against me (including seven Silence the Voices procs in a row).


My thought exactly!

It’s always a special feeling when Krieg puts on his sunday bestest, and goes to town. But the urge to blow off some steam from time to time can be done with other melee characters too. Going melee with Gaige is quite fun, and backstabbing enemies with Zero is just awesome.


Are you using any of his active specials (The Stare, Explosive Clap, One Two Boom, Robot Rampage, Buck Up (or even Shock Storm if you’re working crowd control to keep them in range))?


My favorite builds are the ones that got my toons to OP8- let me get back to ya after I look them up…


I’m only using robot rampage, and only when I actually put some point in OC at all.

DT is more of a diversion for this build. It helps buy some time for EB to do its job :yum:


Hybrid Zer0

Here’s a quick remake of the skill build.


Pimps, Grog, Rapier, Chain lightning, Hide, Leg ninja, Bone (can swap to leg sniper for some areas without changing skills).

So much fun. LOTS of weapon swapping and moving around. It’s got the option for the Slag Pimp -> Deception-> swap to grog -> Kunai -> strip shield with lighting -> swap to rapier -> KB+Backstab + Execute goodness but with no MMF you need to pick your spots carefully. Option to build CA and move fast and/or OSOK potshots. Unforeseen too! It’s the most fun build I’ve ever made and quite honestly I haven’t really touched much anything else in quite a long while since I tried it.


Deputy Sal.

W/Bus that can’t slow maxed out. I love speedrunning around unloading ROM moneyshots to peoples face and quickly getting the ■■■■ outta dodge. gotta have your head on a swivel, and that is what helps me blow off steam. its intense, fast paced. and very enjoyable after the smoke has cleared and all I see are glowing beams of loot to look thru. :blush:


As someone far more famous then myself once said, “Let’s do this!” :smiley:

Reverend Pain (aka Salvador)
The final version of my very own Forever in Pain build carried the Rev thru OP8 and beyond as he is now in the process of making his way thru an OP8 reset run of the game.
Current load out:
N&I Blockhead, Miss Moxxi’s Rubi/slag, Bulets Go Fasterfied Slagga and Practicable Heart Breaker
Shield: RR
Com: L. Berserker
Grenade: CL
Relic: Deputy’s Badge

Lord of Death (Zero)
LoD is doing the Tiny Tina dlc (Winter is a Bloody Business specifically). This is the pistol build that I constructed for him based on a selct few (OK, one) weapon.
Current load out: Rapid Infinity, GN, DPUH (always my FFL weapon of choice), Casual Swordsplosion
Shield: Bee
Com: L. Killer
Grenade: level 35 MM
Relic: Sheriff’s Badge

Dee Lightful (Maya)
This was the first time I’d tried a Thoughtlock build and found that I really enjoyed it. Unlike most folks though I tend to kill the TL target first so that the PL bubble quickly finds another target to apply Converge + Ruin all over again- very effective and keeps the health bubbles coming.
Current load out: Vengeful Infinity, GN, DPUH, fire Dandy Snider
Sheild: Bee
Com: L. Binder
Grenade: CL
Relic: Sheriff’s Badge

Ultimate Krieg!! (Krieg)
I’d been running a Bloodsplosion/Mania build prior to starting the Peak but felt that a Hellborn focused build might work better- and eventually it did after a few tweaks (such as speccing out of PiP to focus on Numbed Nerves). Despite fire being considered the least effective element on the Peak Hellborn Krieg can pull it off…
Current load out: Burning Infinity, Community Day level 42 GN, fire Original Omen, Cuting Slagga
Shield: FotF
Com: L. Torch
Grenade: Firestorm
Relic: fire BotA

Mike Irons (Axton)
This is a variation of Triad Thunder’s Last Man Standing Axton build and as I’d never really tried Nuke before I decided to give it a shot- and now I’m hooked. The double Nuke blast can strip shields of all but the toughest foes and can outright kill lesser slagged ones.
Current load out: Resolute Infinity, DPUH, GN, Slippery Kerblaster
Shield: Bee
Com: L. Soldier
Grenade: Shock Fastball
Relic: Sheriff’s Badge

Queen Scream (Gaige)
Both accuracy and capstone skills can suck it! :wink:
Current load out: shock Vengeful Infinity (with a 12.4 RoF it’s the fastest I’ve seen yet on any Infinity/Anarchist), DPUH, GN, Bulets Go Fasterfied Slagga
Shield: Bee
Com: CN Necromancer (+50% mag size, +32% RoF)
Grenade: MM
Relic: shock BotA


Shock AoE Maya.

Slow Hand
Little Evie (surprisingly powerful and, together with the binder and shock bone, stupid cooldown)
T-ball Fist (make it a double if you’re feeling adventurous - I crashed my game once with it and chain reaction), twister, or the Crit
Legendary Binder, and specced for full sub-sequence and suspension, and 5/5 in chain reaction and inertia.
Black Hole
Shock Bone

It’s fantastic. Nothing stays still long enough to hit you, but if they do, they’ll probably regret it. Crowd control Maya makes me happy.


The Brawn version of Deputy Sal

My skills look like this - http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550000501000545010415055105104041
*Actually planning on changing to max out Bus, but haven’t decided where to take off a point.

I run with the usual Deputy gears except I use FotF and purple NE Monk COM with +5/+4/+4 to M$, Sexy T-Rex, and Asbestos. The grenade mod changes around as needed but Quarar is rather nice, and I still need to find OP8 Chain Lightning.


http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#55055105012505515010005050050100 this is my bread&butter build for Axton, which happens to be my favourite class among all ( in TPS i like Timothy A LOT ), with tipically this set-up:
Expert Grenadier ( Blue or Purple ) / Leg soldier / Expert Veteran
Bone of the ancients ( all of 3 for differnt scenarios )
Big Boom Blaster
Rustler’s Twister/Omen/Interfacer for constructors ( with Soldier or Purple Grenadier )
Grog/Slag slow hand
Baby maker/Norfleet/Badaboom
Harold/Hail/Hornet/Lyuda/Slagga/Bekah ( this may depend a lot on former gears )
This build pretty much destroy any mobbing area in the game with minimum Change in the set up, You don’t even need Slag on most mobs, as Twister shot+Fastball is high capped DMG. And even if the peak is a challenge, with a Corrosive Avenger you can do wonders against Dukino’s Mom. SADLY Saturn heavily resist grenade DMG and think OMGWTF aswell, so just beehawk for them, mindlessly. I NEED to say that is not that easy to play because you have to aim fastballs all time and often while you and your opponents are moving, so this may involve a lot of rushy direction changes, and some times, missing a fastball and thus, healtgate recover, means you are down, that isn’t too bad btw, axton has amazing tools in do or die and pressure for Baby maker reloads, so untill you have some enemy in line of sight you should be able to get up. Regardless the difficult, any kill with this build is very satisfying for me, and once you get the hang of the way the Fastball makes its trajectory, you can snipe even Buzzards. Simply one the most effective and fun build in the game for me.