What is your favourite/most hated mission, dialogue, anything, that made you smile or made you angry?

About a week ago I decided to “dust off” my Moze and grind through all the 4 DLCs, because I only completed the main story with her. A lot of things been happening since I’ve done this with my main (Amara, yep, I still love her), so I did forgot about a lot of things, a lot of places/maps, dialogues, etc and it felt like I’m playing the DLCs for the first time ever. So I’ve been doing all the side quests and ran into the Heart of Gold side quest in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. I totally forgot about this one and (laugh at me, but it almost made me cry) it’s friggin’ depressing and “beautiful” at the same time. I consider this quest to be the most sad of all (not counting Maya’s death). Just a “boy” (robot) trying to find peace instead of fighting and somebody who he can have a good time with and fulfill his only dream before dying
It felt really good to revisit places that a lot of us (including me) wouldn’t do because there’s no point of interest.
As I said, I’ve been grinding through all these DLCs, so I didn’t pay attention to everything this time (but I should do on my next playthrough to refresh everything).
So, what was your favourite mission, or the most hated? The best (6 mile long and never-ending) dialogue that made you happy, or at least made you smile or frown? Either be it from base game, or any of the DLCs.

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balex balex balex
what i hated? i think i never really hated anything but that hipster barista bot needs some…no it was actually funny AF XD


“HAH ! I shoved her a** in a hard drive and ejected the b*tch ! Pick her up Vault Hunter”


Ava: *blaming Lilith for Maya’s death like Maya didn’t specifically tell her not to enter the Forgotten Basilica *
Me: :thinking:
Lilith: Can you go check on her?
Me: Sure, get the airlock ready.

Imagine my surprise when the mission objective was to simply talk to Ava instead of throwing her out of the airlock!


Aside from the whole bit with Ava/Lilith/Maya, i hate nearly everything to do with Aurelia in this game. Actually, hate might be too strong a word. Just severely disappointed.

But I DO hate the mission at Jakobs Mansion with her trying to hide ECHOS of her and… the ratboy… ugh… But yeah, I think I hate THAT more than her just being another boss to shoot. Or anything else I hate about the base game.

Favorites though? Can’t really pick… there is a lot that I like.

Yeah, the never ending question. Who’s fault was it? But honestly, what would have happened if Ava wasn’t there? What would Troy or Tyreen have been doing in this case? Wouldn’t Troy still try to leech Maya’s power and wouldn’t Maya still do the same thing basically, kill herself, just for the Calypsos not to get her power?

There are 2 side missions in the game that turn your screen blue, it makes me feel sick and I never do them anymore because the rewards are not worth anyways…

Also the main mission with Balex is really annoying when you get to the Horny jabber part. I have to mute the game if anyone is near lmfao otherwise they walk in like what in the hell?

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So, I had to watch the death scene again before coming up with a response lol :pensive:

If Ava wasn’t there, she wouldn’t have been attacked by Tyreen, which might have allowed Maya and the Vault Hunter to escape with their lives

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Nah, Tyreen would have leeched the Rampager, then 99% chance she would have attacked Maya. Give me any reason why Tyreen wouldnt?!

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Honestly? Maya actually seemed like an afterthought to them. To me anyway. The twins even admitted that she wasn’t apart of their plans for charging the Great Vault.

I agree, however if I were aspiring to ascend to Godhood and an opportunity to make a blow at my only opposition was placed in front of me I would be a fool not to take it.

Maya’s fate was sealed just by being in that vault, Salvador or RnGeezer would likely have been the only beings in the Borderverse capable of interrupting her fate.

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Well, call the twins fools then. Because they didn’t try and kill the Vault Hunters themselves then and there.
Actually they were part of their plan too, weren’t they? To have us wage war against their followers to boost their pledge drive so they get a bunch of eridium for the Vault? Or was that after the rat got Maya’s powers?

I have no idea who this is, and will look them up later.

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Basically the generic term of RNG, often used as RNGeezuz, RNGeezy etc.

Just search RNG in the Borderlands 3 section for all kinds of depressing goodies.


Using Phaselock to charge Elpis was purely an afterthought, and wouldn’t have been possible without having the Mississippi river of Eridium pumped into Troy. After all, Maya said she felt like she could “Phaselock a planet” when she used Eridium the first time.

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It’s a pretty funny bit though, tricking the Jabbers into horny time to wreck your progress. Her banter with Balex is super funny, I think.


Ooouu ooou aah aaaah!

I still remember baby dancer quest, for once it was not a quest about killing someone and a nice change of pace with claptrap being not silly for once, this quest was just the right amount of "feel good "stuff without being too emotional.

On the other hand I absolutely hated the claptrap quest on Nekro about bugged early access game (don’t remember the name) it was long , repetitive, and the humor failed because they were annoying instead of being funny, beside mocking others for bugs… well… you know what I mean.


Baby dancer was a master piece

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I’ve played through this section around 10+ times it wasn’t funny for me after around the 2nd or 3rd time aha


Dislike: All of the Dynasty Diner missions. They just aren’t fun to me. I don’t enjoy them narratively and most of them are also timed racing/delivery trials which I never enjoyed, not even in Bl2.

Like: There’s quite a few missions that just suddenly hit you in the feels. In the base game I’d point out Life of the Party and Baby Dancer (I genuinely like Baby Dancer because it really helps establish Claptrap as a character a bit more instead of just having him be a one-dimensional, annoying comic relief character all the time. It shows that there’s more to him and that what makes him annoying is usually that he’s in an environment where he is driven towards his most obnoxious aspects because his other skills just aren’t relevant or appreciated. It was genuinely a sweet mission).
For DLC, the big one is of course the Cold Case quest chain in Guns, Love & Tentacles. It plays with themes and concepts that Borderlands writing typically doesn’t really use, at least not beyond a more superficial level. It’s quite daring in that regard and it does hit hard on an emotional level. It’s also just genuinely smart writing. There’s some poetic depth to a character who is cursed with obliviousness having a background of regret and self-reproach over the death of his daughter. As if the curse itself was actually just him repressing his own memories because they were too much for him to bear. Having this character as a Detective looking to investigate his own history and having to confront those very memories is cruel irony. With the whole character curse thing previously being mostly the butt-end of jokes this hits especially hard, throwing in a bona-fide tragedy where you were looking for the punch line.

I have to be honest, Cold Case to me is the main reason why I was quite dissapointed when none of the later DLC’s had actual proper quest chains outside of their respective main quests. It shows that these chains have great potential for developing a character such as Burton Briggs. And I wanna be real, both Bounty of Blood and the Fustercluck DLC could have benefitted from that.

Speaking off, I’ll give the Fustercluck an honourable mention for the Krieg mini-sidequests. Some of them really do dive into interesting concepts or topics, though I feel like that DLC still needed way more proper sidequests as a whole since I found it to be a little content-starved. Still, having those mini-quests was neat and I do appreciate a good philisophical reference, even if I do feel like Plato should take his cave allegory and shove it up his bloody arse because it’s honestly quite horrible.