What is your favourite/most hated mission, dialogue, anything, that made you smile or made you angry?

Ah, good things to say about them for once. Which is your favorite?

Tough choice but quite possibly the first one in castle crimson. The one where he keeps on blowing himself up. I interpret it as a general commentary on mental health since it makes a point that the only way things can get better for you is if you are willing to accept outside help rather than trying to isolate yourself because you don’t want to involve others in your own issues.

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Blast Requests. Yeah, that one was deep. I like how each VH provided advice for dealing with Krieg’s issues, and how they approached him. Moze happily gave an analogy based on combat, Zane was serious for once, Amara was sincere and went straight paragon. FL4K basically acted the same as always, but was no less valid.

Personally I like the funeral for Krieg’s buzzaxe most.


It is, for the first and second time, but honestly, it got me annoyed after the 3rd time. No other way I can explain it, but “calling the jabbers for ah… mating” for 5 minutes straight with the “ooh ooh ooh, ahh ahh ahh” sounds gets it annoying.


This is what I actually were thinking about. Doing a side quest about a game being full of bugs and full of micro transactions wasn’t the best idea. I’m sure GBX didn’t expect BL3 to be in this condition, but yep… we all know how it turned up.

Actually, for some reason (and you can put the blame on me, as always) Life of the Party didn’t hit me as much as the Cold Cases series. Yeah, as the side missions unfolded, they hit me deep. Specially because these things can happen in real life. I had a girlfriend who was a psychiatrist and she told me some stories. Things like these do happen in real life and that’s what makes it scary to me. It’s crazy how our brain is digesting things.

Yeah, I know those two as well. One being the “Head Case” and the other being “Transaction-Packed”. Those made me sick too for the first time. The (blue) filters made those quests sh*tty.

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Well… I mean, Cold Case had just better writing and more character development than Life of the Party. It was tragic, but there were less layers and less emotional complexity to it, so it’s not surprising that it hits less hard by comparison.

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I love the Meatman side quest in DLC 3, Adi’s voice acting is wonderful. I also enjoyed the Cold Case quest line from DLC 2 as well.

The Dynasty Diner side quests were a let down for me. I never liked the timed missions and the character who owns Dynasty Diner doesn’t work for me. The constant screaming about burgers gets old. Similarly, the geologist quest where you need to find a brown rock is annoying for the same reason, the guy screams constantly.

There was a lot of great bantering during some of the main missions that I truly appreciated. One great example is when Rhys leads you through Skywell up to the boss fight with Katagawa Ball. His comments about one of the death sphere’s having too many ratch turds in it is funny.
The smooth jazz that Rhys Ball plays during the boss fight was fantastic. Also, the announcements that play in Apollyon Station during the “Beneath the Meridian” mission are amusing. Yeah it’s more fart/butt jokes, but I enjoyed hearing the announcers laughing as they said things like “Get your butt shined by our expert butt vallets”.

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I hate fart jokes, but Tyreen and Troy’s voice actors really impressed me at that part. Especially Tyreen and her pleasant sounding kiosk voiceover.

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