What is your favourite new gun from the DLC?

Topic. I haven’t had the chance to try out all the new weapons yet but I found an Atlas launcher that seemed quite fun. The special effect seemed to be that when you kill one enemy they trigger a tracking grenade effect so you can get chains of kills going.

the miscreant so far

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peashooter for sure in terms of leggos i have gotten a lot of em and i’d say probably frequency

not a big fan of noob tube guns like both vladof pistols however i do not understand some guns at all yet. like quick looder and mother too also ffs narp’s loop sucks skag’s ass

most of the additions on pistol side are terrific powercreep if this is the normal gearbox is going for they have to take a hard look into all their red text pistols

bloom beign arguably weakest since outside of grasp amara it is very hard to land in practice. but holly baloony maliwan cov and vladof are leaving jacobs behind in red text legendary department now

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well, yea, the items are kinda ridiculously strong…as always^^
but in my defense
the miscreant is so ammo hungry, if it was any weaker, i wouldnt be able to finish a single stage in a trial without running out of ammo xD
so lets say, its just…very fast^^

The Light Show was pretty brutal.


i have no quarrel with vladof being best dps for highest ammo consumption that is their niche but lightshow being x4 for 1 ammo per shot while other vladof legendary pistol is called magnificent??? like how do they craft these guns eithr adjust magnificent to match lightshow and miscreant or what in the heck you doing as dev. also light show is pretty much monarch so it should have walks ped penalty or gtfo :d it has literally no drawbacks but slight acuracy inconvenience if not scoped. if this is what it takes to make vladof pistol great you gotta think as a dev where you went wrong because holly ■■■■ regular vladof is just as bad compared to competition as magnificent is to his brothers from this dlc

yea, it generally seems like they are running out of gun ideas and just create old guns…but better :stuck_out_tongue:
also the flipper also only consumes 1 ammo for 9 pellets in the end
talking about op :smiley:

Unkempt Harold…

Soo many good memories from BL2, and its just as strong in 3…and the look is badass


Flipper or Stonethrower for me. I need to find a good Stonethrower and try it out in the mobbing sections of the guardian takedown

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the Shoddy

Just killed the final boss of the DLC with a Flipper. That thing wrecks, even on Mayhem 10 it just eats through health bars like they are nothing. Flippin’ crazy

Other than that the Peashooter is so absurd in the he right hands. I used it with a Phasegrasp/TTB Amara, which is as suboptimal as it gets and the thing still was at the very least solid with it’s ridiculous moments sprinkled in.

But I have to agree with the sentiment of powercreep being a bit too fast. I mean some of the new guns make Mayhem 10 enemies feel like Mayhem 0 foes. In the long run that will become a problem.

I can’t pick a favorite yet.
Fortunately right now the drop rates have been really good, so I have received many different ones.
Haven’t seen the Flipper yet though.
Stonethrower quickly replaced the OPQ I was using.
Love the Peashooter, but also like Light Show, Beacon (nice Hellshock replacement), and a Dahl pistol I don’t remember the name of. Changing the firing mode buffs the damage for a short time. Pretty powerful buff.

For shottys, I really like the Robins Call. I have a corrosive Blindside that I am using more and more.

Just got the Maliwan sniper today and was like Holy Crap!

Not impressed by the Satisfaction, or the Torgue AR.

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Robin’s Call.

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For some reason the stonethrower is not good on flak which is strange i thought this weapon would best suit him but no works great on amara though the clayvorence is better for flak i am a little bit dissapointed about that.

So far Ive found myself using the Flipper the most. I really like the Robin’s Call shotty too.

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The flipper for sure, i beat the GTD with a rad one airborne damage anointed with green monster com because i can hold down the trigger never run out of ammo and didnt once need to switch elements until the bosses. The thing shreds and doesnt use any ammo so i didnt even get any mileage out of click click.

Can see it being toned down at some point maybe.

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I’m sorry, a bit out of topic, But is there crit bonus with Robin’s call?


Im not one to observe the damage output when Im shooting up some AI, but I am assuming it does because the Robin’s Call just shreds … even on M10.

Yes probably. But I still couldn’t see crit perks yet, like +10% crit…


You may be right. Neither of mine show a crit bonus either …