What is your favourite new gun from the DLC?

Everyone complaining about power creep needs to realize there will be massive nerfs before dlc 4

there won’t be gearbox only nerfs outliers they might adjust say flipper and lightshow maybe or make complex root spread out not so wide. seems like dlc 2 and dlc 3 in terms of weapon scaling are inline,i rather at this point expect vanilla and dlc 1 buffs because clearly gearbox is thinking dlc 2 3 and mayhem cartel exclusives is where game is supposed to be. they ought to adjust opq and monarch but i do not see more than 5-6 guns nerfed they have been all about buffing.

I see that happening with Iron Bear and the Digi-Clone…

Maliwan Complex Root SR is crazy for Boss farming, the self-damage can be irritating but isn’t impossible to avoid, other than that, the Stonethrower and Flipper are dope

The Gargoyle.

I’ve never actually seen the show but I feel obligated to sing the theme song whenever I’m using it.

Quickdraw is pretty fun. Gargoyle is a beast and since they scaled Melee damage, the facepuncher is my main weapon on moze.
The first time that i managed to beat M10 Wotan, before facepuncher i only managed to beat M4 Wotan

I hope you mean this one

I was really hoping for new class mods in this DLC :frowning:

Yeah it’s such a shame we didn’t see any. Though, after the DLC2 ones I wasn’t expecting too much.

If GB sees which guns we are enjoying, they will nerf them.

Oh whatever, they are going to get nerfed anyway when the next DLC is released so I guess it doesnt really matter …

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contained blast with 200% splash ASE. absolutely brutal


Interesting. I have one with that anointment. Will need to give it a try. The only issue with me is that I play Zane and ASE anoints are not the best for him, which explains why its just rotting in my bank.

Thanks for the heads up …

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Tried a Flipper with Moze’s Forge skill and it just shredded. Even Shock was trashing flesh mobs.

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Proprietary license.

Got it day 1 of dlc and it dropped with consecutive hits annoint. It shreds m10. Really enjoying it.
Haven’t got a flipper it yet, but I imagine it will replace proprietary license once I have one

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As moze I really like the bloom as I can get Ruiner down to half health with a good burst using a blast master com. I also like the Dowsing rod for making as the underbarrel shoots 3 grenades. Other than that the Harold is fun and Beacon is a hellshock that does more base damage but doesn’t shoot 2 orbs.


Fine tuning mayhem 2.0

We realized players are having too much fun

  1. We’re increasing the drop rate of the Firesale longmusket, Vanquisher, Woodblocker and the Malak’s bane by 300% all dedicated sources of loot will now gauranteed Drop 1 of these legendarys.

All dlc items have been rounded down to somewhat equal damage as the Vanquisher.

all weapons base damage decreased but increased damage while sliding